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CoinBuy withPriceVolume (24hr)Withdrawal FeeUpdated
USD$9,265.77$232M0.0015 BTC ($13.93)about 1h ago
USDC$9,277.54$329Kabout 1h ago
TUSD$9,285.38$199Kabout 1h ago
DAI$9,214.55$89.4Kabout 1h ago
PAX$9,258.81$20.9Kabout 1h ago
EOSDT$9,287.85$4.83Kabout 6h ago
EURS$9,126.35$2.44Kabout 3h ago
BUSD$9,320.45$21.60about 6h ago
GUSD$9,129.34$20.601d ago
USD$238.53$87.6M0.0428 ETH ($10.22)about 1h ago
BTC$234.45$19.9Mabout 1h ago
DAI$237.12$865Kabout 1h ago
TUSD$239.25$8.69Kabout 6h ago
EURS$234.94$1.88Kabout 5h ago
USDC$238.92$1.87Kabout 1h ago
PAX$231.82$19.30about 1h ago
EOSDT$239.27$1.03about 5h ago
GUSD$229.83$0.71about 22h ago
USD$191.84$38.5M0.1164 BSV ($22.52)about 1h ago
BTC$189.19$9.49Mabout 1h ago
BCH$184.72$17.40about 1h ago
BTC$0.014427$24.9M1165.0 VET ($17.24)about 1h ago
USD$0.014695$103Kabout 1h ago
ETH$0.014958$5.74Kabout 1h ago
USD$2.56$20.7M0.01 EOS ($0.03)about 1h ago
BTC$2.52$3.86Mabout 1h ago
ETH$2.57$700Kabout 1h ago
DAI$2.55$93.5Kabout 1h ago
EOSDT$2.57$5.1Kabout 1h ago
BCH$2.57$1.78Kabout 1h ago
GUSD$2.46$20.401d ago
EURS$2.55$2.19about 1h ago
PAX$2.58$0.15about 1h ago
USD$0.102956$16.4M135.14 ADA ($14.09)about 1h ago
BTC$0.101218$2.16Mabout 1h ago
ETH$0.103046$346Kabout 1h ago
BCH$0.098438$25.3Kabout 1h ago
USD$0.185976$11.1M6.38 XRP ($1.19)about 1h ago
BTC$0.182852$4.15Mabout 1h ago
ETH$0.186525$8.76Kabout 1h ago
BCH$0.191497$693.00about 1h ago
DAI$0.186487$0.46about 1h ago
EOS$0.187903$0.00about 1h ago
ETH$6.03$10.7M0.866 ETC ($5.28)about 1h ago
USD$6.04$6.35Mabout 1h ago
BTC$5.92$2.37Mabout 1h ago
BCH$5.93$1.55about 1h ago
USD$43.50$10.6M0.053 LTC ($2.32)about 1h ago
BTC$42.75$4.72Mabout 1h ago
ETH$43.60$7.3Kabout 1h ago
TUSD$44.03$1.93Kabout 6h ago
BCH$43.64$11.50about 1h ago
EOS$43.58$3.22about 1h ago
DAI$43.32$2.84about 7h ago
USD$0.017800$10.5M372.5 TRX ($6.66)about 1h ago
BTC$0.017478$4.88Mabout 1h ago
ETH$0.017796$828Kabout 1h ago
EOS$0.017833$575.00about 1h ago
BCH$0.018389$0.11about 1h ago
USD$237.80$7.44M0.078589 BCH ($18.78)about 1h ago
BTC$233.83$5.75Mabout 1h ago
TUSD$229.15$422.00about 16h ago
ETH$238.61$244.00about 1h ago
EURS$236.27$114.00about 5h ago
DAI$219.82$22.403d ago
USD$55.02$5.57M0.13583 ZEC ($7.51)about 1h ago
BTC$54.04$2.06Mabout 1h ago
ETH$55.04$182Kabout 1h ago
EOS$54.53$5.26about 1h ago
BCH$54.97$0.00about 1h ago
BTC$0.006236$4.83M848.0 IOST ($4.29)about 1h ago
USD$0.006347$2.09Mabout 1h ago
USD$10.25$3.78M1.0 NEO ($10.28)about 1h ago
BTC$10.10$1.36Mabout 1h ago
ETH$10.26$100Kabout 1h ago
EOS$10.26$540.00about 1h ago
TUSD$9.91$0.002d ago
EURS$9.71$0.00about 7h ago
USD$0.402159$3.66M24.13 ZRX ($9.72)about 1h ago
BTC$0.394551$2.29Mabout 1h ago
ETH$0.401516$132Kabout 1h ago
TUSD$0.413654$2.23about 5h ago
USD$1.56$3.65M7.498 BNT ($4.63)about 1h ago
BTC$1.53$1.1Mabout 1h ago
ETH$1.55$1.35Kabout 1h ago
USD$0.070338$3.04M101.4401 XLM ($7.19)about 1h ago
BTC$0.069091$1.11Mabout 1h ago
ETH$0.070640$90.3Kabout 1h ago
BCH$0.069574$752.00about 1h ago
USD$0.355077$3.01M12.601 ICX ($4.26)about 1h ago
BTC$0.349198$909Kabout 1h ago
ETH$0.356324$107Kabout 1h ago
USD$1.80$2.97M2.866 QTUM ($5.36)about 1h ago
BTC$1.77$1.12Mabout 1h ago
ETH$1.80$149Kabout 1h ago
USD$69.35$2.39M0.0781 DASH ($5.44)about 1h ago
BTC$68.16$739Kabout 1h ago
ETH$69.44$344Kabout 1h ago
BCH$69.70$718.00about 1h ago
EOS$69.26$119.00about 1h ago
USD$64.31$2.34M0.1006 XMR ($6.50)about 1h ago
BTC$63.20$2Mabout 1h ago
ETH$64.33$294Kabout 1h ago
TUSD$63.96$15.4Kabout 6h ago
EOS$64.84$334.00about 1h ago
BCH$65.37$12.70about 1h ago
DAI$62.23$0.002d ago
BTC$0.132589$2.13M65.43 CRO ($8.82)about 1h ago
ETH$0.135289$5.89Kabout 1h ago
USD$0.135288$2.97Kabout 3h ago
USD$1.56$1.35M5.721 OMG about 1h ago
BTC$1.53$1.14Mabout 1h ago
ETH$1.56$53Kabout 1h ago
BCH$1.58$38.60about 1h ago
BTC$0.007355$1.27M1682.0 XVG ($7.56)about 1h ago
ETH$0.007450$64Kabout 1h ago
USD$0.007426$29.3Kabout 1h ago
USD$0.018937$1.21M216.558 ZIL ($4.37)about 1h ago
BTC$0.018676$532Kabout 1h ago
BTC$18.49$1.16M0.4832 REP ($9.38)about 1h ago
USD$18.77$153Kabout 1h ago
ETH$18.84$152Kabout 1h ago
BTC$8.47$1.1M0.6202 BTG ($7.02)about 1h ago
USD$8.66$243Kabout 1h ago
ETH$8.63$33.2Kabout 1h ago
USD$2.34$912K4.953 XTZ ($12.01)about 1h ago
BTC$2.31$199Kabout 1h ago
ETH$2.35$69.1Kabout 1h ago
USD$0.052202$810K161.0 GNT ($8.23)about 1h ago
BTC$0.051055$58.1Kabout 1h ago
ETH$0.052160$6.98Kabout 1h ago
USD$0.597168$803K7.0 ONT ($4.28)about 1h ago
BTC$0.582149$299Kabout 1h ago
ETH$0.592468$151Kabout 1h ago
BCH$0.599329$105.00about 1h ago
USD$0.241547$665Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.237687$428Kabout 1h ago
ETH$0.242159$142Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.002491$571K2.0 DOGE ($0.01)about 1h ago
USD$0.002528$410Kabout 1h ago
ETH$0.002531$86.4Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.095466$535K73.25 CHSB ($2.52)about 1h ago
ETH$0.097031$239Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.097738$438K82.5 TNC ($14.65)about 1h ago
USD$0.102700$189Kabout 1h ago
BTC$1.91$435K1.23881 NRG ($3.24)about 1h ago
USD$0.043101$413K102.1 XEM ($4.52)about 1h ago
BTC$0.042438$104Kabout 1h ago
ETH$0.043152$39.4Kabout 1h ago
EOS$0.043072$0.04about 1h ago
BTC$0.464189$281K13.2 STRAT ($4.70)about 1h ago
ETH$0.476873$274.00about 1h ago
USD$0.472075$256.00about 9h ago
USD$1.14$262K4.8 LSK ($6.03)about 1h ago
BTC$1.12$207Kabout 1h ago
ETH$1.14$16.6Kabout 1h ago
EOS$1.18$0.37about 1h ago
BTC$1.13$239K4.811 WAVES ($5.41)about 1h ago
USD$1.14$351.00about 5h ago
BCH$1.15$0.02about 1h ago
BTC$0.034478$233K239.4 TNT ($8.80)about 1h ago
USD$0.035159$87.6Kabout 1h ago
ETH$0.034906$8.98Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.022827$227K279.2 BTS ($6.51)about 1h ago
BTC$0.609567$222K11.21 KMD ($7.74)about 1h ago
USD$0.621054$34.1Kabout 1h ago
ETH$0.620902$18.7Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.016392$195K506.0 XPR ($8.01)about 1h ago
USD$0.016604$1.71Kabout 1h ago
ETH$0.016716$67.90about 1h ago
BTC$5.14$194K1.782 LINK ($9.38)about 1h ago
USD$5.24$33.9Kabout 1h ago
ETH$5.22$1.49Kabout 1h ago
BCH$5.02$417.00about 1h ago
USD$0.208576$179K39.0 SENSO ($7.95)about 1h ago
BTC$15.70$166K0.253875 BNB ($4.08)about 1h ago
USD$15.97$104Kabout 1h ago
ETH$16.01$146.00about 1h ago
USD$0.020724$137K156.0 DGB ($3.24)about 1h ago
BTC$0.020456$118Kabout 1h ago
ETH$0.020687$2.05Kabout 1h ago
TUSD$0.019837$211.00about 16h ago
USD$0.802400$135K4.01 XNS ($3.59)about 1h ago
BTC$0.787919$108Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.679705$131K5.8074 ADK ($4.97)about 1h ago
BTC$0.010544$128K297.2 NXT ($3.45)about 1h ago
ETH$0.010725$38.5Kabout 1h ago
USD$0.010718$25.3Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.080687$124K50.0 BTM ($3.69)about 1h ago
ETH$0.082761$91.8Kabout 1h ago
USD$0.082575$88.8Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.003621$122K2191.0 ROOBEE ($8.52)about 1h ago
BTC$1.43$120K4.3 VITAE ($6.45)about 2h ago
BTC$0.102311$118K52.0 MAID ($6.96)about 1h ago
USD$0.103540$45.7Kabout 1h ago
ETH$0.104184$33.8Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.203128$112K40.0 NEXO ($5.17)about 1h ago
USD$0.205000$3.19Kabout 1h ago
ETH$0.219903$122.00about 1h ago
USD$0.960335$87.9Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.946413$83.1Kabout 1h ago
ETH$0.966688$6.12Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.002915$86.4K2451.0 SC ($7.14)about 1h ago
BTC$0.198592$78.3K29.55 STEEM ($6.15)about 1h ago
BTC$0.005740$69.4K100.1 ETN ($0.85)about 1h ago
USD$0.005840$541.00about 2h ago
ETH$0.005931$298.00about 1h ago
BTC$4.19$69.3K0.7355 XZC ($3.53)about 1h ago
USD$4.27$62.4Kabout 1h ago
ETH$4.27$420.00about 1h ago
BTC$0.050117$64.8K117.1 ARDR ($5.93)about 1h ago
USD$0.049562$10.601d ago
BTC$0.077070$58.2K105.0 CENNZ ($7.37)about 1h ago
ETH$0.078840$12.9Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.028718$57.7K168.0 NWC ($3.85)about 1h ago
USD$0.029142$48.2Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.583242$57.7K10.62 NEBL ($5.89)about 1h ago
ETH$0.594742$14Kabout 1h ago
USD$0.525340$54.3K2.914 GRIN ($1.66)about 1h ago
BTC$0.512466$40.5Kabout 1h ago
ETH$0.529001$14.2Kabout 1h ago
USDC$0.999675$50.4K8.0 TUSD ($8.01)about 1h ago
DAI$0.991996$704.00about 1h ago
EOSDT$0.997680$0.02about 3h ago
BTC$4.14$47.8K1.943 HT ($8.19)about 1h ago
USD$4.22$42.8Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.059973$46.4K191.2 DGTX ($8.41)about 1h ago
USD$0.061244$18.2Kabout 1h ago
ETH$0.060593$4.24Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.007278$44.2K184.8 BET ($1.87)about 1h ago
ETH$0.007998$218.00about 1h ago
BTC$0.001306$39.1K5938.0 REM ($6.78)about 1h ago
ETH$0.001327$20.9Kabout 1h ago
USD$0.001331$9.13Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.131259$38K17.400099 AE ($2.41)about 1h ago
BTC$0.130148$35K61.54 LEVL ($10.57)about 1h ago
BTC$0.649555$34.7K2.998 ZRC ($2.28)about 1h ago
BTC$2.92$34.6K1.59 ATOM ($4.74)about 1h ago
USD$2.98$14Kabout 1h ago
ETH$2.99$975.00about 1h ago
BCH$2.99$94.30about 1h ago
USD$6.78$33.7K1.1891 ZEN ($7.28)about 1h ago
BTC$6.70$10.9Kabout 1h ago
ETH$6.81$9.65Kabout 1h ago
BTC$1.38$33.1K5.679 HEDG ($8.80)about 1h ago
USD$1.38$836.00about 1h ago
BTC$0.407076$32.1K19.91 EMRX ($8.70)about 1h ago
BTC$0.251542$24.9K31.16 BAT ($8.04)about 1h ago
USD$0.256384$7.18Kabout 1h ago
ETH$0.255470$370.00about 1h ago
USD$0.040204$24.3K107.1 HBAR ($5.22)about 1h ago
BTC$0.039332$5.76Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.005830$23.4K3200.0 IOTX ($14.72)about 1h ago
BTC$0.173408$22.7K51.31 ENJ ($10.40)about 1h ago
USD$0.175460$365.00about 1h ago
ETH$0.175800$186.00about 1h ago
BTC$0.000900$22K8967.0 VRA ($4.23)about 1h ago
ETH$0.000878$2.07Kabout 1h ago
TUSD$1.00$21.4K20.0 USD about 1h ago
USDC$0.998745$17.5Kabout 1h ago
DAI$0.995136$14.7Kabout 1h ago
PAX$0.998480$3.29Kabout 1h ago
EOSDT$0.996747$448.00about 1h ago
GUSD$1.01$0.09about 21h ago
BTC$0.018353$21.4K199.95 RVN ($4.11)about 1h ago
BTC$455.81$21K0.0178 MKR ($8.32)about 1h ago
ETH$468.44$13.5Kabout 1h ago
USD$466.64$8.33Kabout 2h ago
DAI$469.83$98.201d ago
BTC$4.11$20.4K1.973 MCO ($10.54)about 4h ago
USD$4.20$63.90about 4h ago
ETH$4.21$58.70about 1h ago
BTC$0.013125$20.2K656.8 ARPA ($7.16)about 1h ago
BTC$0.003331$19.4K1555.002 NIM ($1.75)about 1h ago
ETH$0.003550$4.27Kabout 1h ago
BTC$188.09$19K0.03341 COMP ($6.44)about 1h ago
USD$191.44$7.26Kabout 1h ago
ETH$195.21$465.00about 1h ago
BTC$1.65$17.2K7.422 KNC ($12.55)about 1h ago
ETH$1.55$1.4Kabout 1h ago
USD$1.69$144.00about 4h ago
BTC$0.362570$16.8K23.95 AVA ($8.77)about 1h ago
USD$0.368872$14Kabout 2h ago
ETH$0.368234$9.22Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.169345$15.8K67.2 LEND ($11.69)about 1h ago
ETH$0.173592$2.07Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.003422$15.6K2836.0 HEX ($11.95)about 1h ago
USD$0.002926$14.6K828.1 SMART ($2.82)about 1h ago
BTC$0.002894$14.3Kabout 1h ago
ETH$0.002953$7.08Kabout 1h ago
ETH$0.000005$14.3K1758242.0 DCN ($9.46)about 1h ago
USD$0.000005$10.6Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.096372$14K109.4 LRC ($7.26)about 1h ago
ETH$0.099575$944.00about 1h ago
ETH$0.413881$12K18.57 CEL ($5.06)about 1h ago
BTC$0.412359$7.7Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.006496$10.7K199.005 ERK ($2.40)about 1h ago
ETH$0.006626$3.68Kabout 1h ago
USD$0.006500$1.96Kabout 9h ago
BTC$1.32$9.8K6.033 ANT ($6.79)about 1h ago
BTC$0.000073$8.38K33005.0 DAPS ($3.27)about 1h ago
USD$0.264007$7.18K1.24 PPC ($0.31)about 1h ago
BTC$0.259421$6.8Kabout 1h ago
USD$0.101752$7.12K7.071 ETP ($0.77)about 1h ago
ETH$0.101204$6.91Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.100107$4.02Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.805134$6.77K8.8 BCD ($5.21)about 1h ago
USD$0.821212$2.08Kabout 3h ago
BTC$0.000206$6.08K41522.0 DENT ($8.82)about 1h ago
ETH$0.000209$3.05Kabout 1h ago
USD$0.000208$23.90about 3h ago
USD$0.010530$5.69K756.6 REV ($19.29)about 5h ago
BTC$0.010284$2.68about 1h ago
BTC$0.002933$5.5K2993.0 SUB ($9.34)about 1h ago
ETH$0.003217$141.00about 1h ago
USD$0.003231$50.10about 3h ago
BTC$1.17$5.5K2.9 GHOST ($6.05)about 3h ago
USD$1.20$1.44Kabout 3h ago
BTC$0.014211$5.41K300.04 AYA ($2.72)about 1h ago
USD$0.014030$320.00about 1h ago
BTC$0.031695$5.16K205.9 RAISE ($4.22)about 1h ago
ETH$0.032317$4.64Kabout 1h ago
BTC$20.58$4.96K0.3718 NMR ($9.22)about 2h ago
USD$0.012027$4.91K678.8 CHZ ($8.13)about 1h ago
BTC$0.011778$4.6Kabout 1h ago
ETH$0.002939$4.87K2733.0 STAR ($2.25)about 1h ago
BTC$0.306824$4.18K24.39 CRPT ($11.23)about 1h ago
USD$0.316616$690.00about 3h ago
ETH$0.007925$3.95K775.8 BDP ($6.21)about 1h ago
BTC$0.007737$658.00about 1h ago
USD$0.007890$596.00about 2h ago
BTC$0.032792$3.93K182.5 DRG ($5.28)about 1h ago
ETH$0.033343$3.67Kabout 1h ago
BTC$14.30$3.82K0.3375 DCR ($6.17)about 1h ago
USD$14.59$3.67Kabout 5h ago
ETH$14.66$11.00about 1h ago
BTC$5.01$3.72K1.597 OKB ($8.13)about 1h ago
BTC$0.686919$3.66K16.0 XPNT about 1h ago
USD$0.779999$1.31Kabout 4h ago
ETH$0.692896$450.00about 1h ago
BTC$1.28$3.64K7.085 KAVA ($6.87)about 1h ago
BTC$0.017444$3.56K493.1 LAMB ($8.57)about 1h ago
BTC$0.038450$3.43K220.2 MANA ($9.19)about 1h ago
USD$0.039003$2.86Kabout 2h ago
ETH$0.039146$46.10about 1h ago
BTC$0.500998$3.34K17.19 C20 ($8.96)about 1h ago
ETH$0.512214$794.00about 1h ago
USD$0.299348$3.32K39.6 SOLO ($11.29)about 1h ago
BTC$0.291484$522.00about 1h ago
BTC$0.001009$3.3K7684.0 SWFTC ($8.77)about 1h ago
ETH$0.001028$813.00about 1h ago
USD$0.001027$127.00about 1h ago
ETH$0.005430$3.22K1203.0 HVN ($10.03)about 1h ago
BTC$0.005236$1.5Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.000326$3.05K15094.0 BTT ($4.72)about 1h ago
USD$0.000332$503.00about 1h ago
ETH$0.000332$13.60about 1h ago
BTC$0.000556$2.99K100.0 XDN ($0.04)about 1h ago
USD$0.000574$206.00about 1h ago
ETH$0.000548$113.00about 1h ago
ETH$0.000071$2.86K152265.0 BANCA ($10.96)about 1h ago
BTC$0.000074$2.85Kabout 1h ago
USD$0.000068$1.11Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.056474$2.84K149.9 WAXP ($7.03)about 1h ago
ETH$0.057927$165.00about 1h ago
USD$0.058818$0.00about 10h ago
BTC$0.301304$2.78K27.32 UBT ($11.81)about 1h ago
BTC$0.776514$2.77K14.0 RLC ($6.24)about 1h ago
BTC$0.048056$2.71K173.9 DATA ($11.09)about 1h ago
ETH$0.049001$1.04Kabout 1h ago
USD$0.049039$393.00about 2h ago
BTC$3.46$2.69K0.34447 XRC ($1.89)about 1h ago
ETH$0.056991$2.66K160.5 TRAC ($10.03)about 1h ago
BTC$0.007670$2.45K1094.0 EDG ($7.10)about 1h ago
ETH$0.008043$23.70about 1h ago
USD$0.008719$5.87about 2h ago
ETH$0.029551$2.39K292.8 SNC ($6.82)about 1h ago
BTC$0.029822$123.00about 1h ago
USD$0.029803$19.70about 5h ago
ETH$0.001137$2.28K5790.0 NCT ($5.23)about 1h ago
BTC$0.001117$798.00about 1h ago
USD$0.001147$122.00about 1h ago
BTC$0.017720$2.23K401.4 PRE ($7.67)about 1h ago
ETH$0.017279$202.00about 1h ago
BTC$0.104854$2.22K65.45 DRGN ($6.84)about 1h ago
ETH$0.000211$1.98K15500.6 BCN ($3.73)about 1h ago
USD$0.000217$1.87Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.000211$1.57Kabout 1h ago
EOS$0.000214$488.00about 1h ago
BTC$0.107972$1.91K78.62 KRL ($7.68)about 1h ago
BTC$0.035150$1.66K206.4 CVT ($9.37)about 1h ago
ETH$0.040562$6.08about 1h ago
USD$0.036160$0.001d ago
BTC$0.019110$1.62K497.8 SWM ($3.50)about 1h ago
USD$0.020165$2.10about 4h ago
ETH$0.020644$0.00about 1h ago
BTC$0.062614$1.61K121.5 SALT ($8.35)about 1h ago
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USD$1.56$5.042d ago
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BTC$0.001731$4.614246.0 STMX about 1h ago
BTC$0.004321$4.541890.0 HMQ ($11.50)about 1h ago
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ETH$0.001566$1.37about 1h ago
BTC$0.040990$4.07209.7 XAUR ($9.88)about 1h ago
ETH$0.036647$0.00about 1h ago
ETH$0.004800$3.991682.0 CHP ($7.71)about 1h ago
BTC$0.000437$3.70538358.0 KICK ($8.03)about 1h ago
BTC$0.000783$3.576727.0 XCON ($1.75)about 1h ago
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BTC$0.428118$3.37about 1h ago
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USD$0.004992$2.95504.0 JST ($4.13)about 1h ago
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ETH$0.572192$0.0021.63 WIKI ($10.50)about 1h ago
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ETH$10,143.63$0.000.000879 WBTC ($8.56)about 1h ago
BTC$0.094632$0.002.0 MG about 1h ago
ETH$0.093777$0.00about 1h ago
EOS$0.100078$0.00about 1h ago
ETH$0.000816$0.009230.0 SILK about 1h ago
BTC$0.015485$0.00513.0 PBTT about 1h ago


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