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CoinBuy withPriceVolume (24hr)Withdrawal FeeUpdated
USD$34,535.66$945M0.0009 BTC ($31.18)4min ago
USDC$34,594.21$46.3M2min ago
TUSD$34,596.37$4.16M2min ago
USD$1,323.66$439M0.0103 ETH ($13.73)less than a min ago
BTC$1,350.75$144M2min ago
USDC$1,325.62$14.7M4min ago
DAI$1,325.46$5.1M4min ago
USD$0.294983$157M6.395 XRP ($1.92)3min ago
BTC$0.300366$20.2M1min ago
USD$144.56$157M0.053 LTC ($7.71)1min ago
BTC$147.19$39.7M3min ago
USD$0.369651$62.5M24.17 ADA ($8.97)1min ago
BTC$0.376930$7.68M1min ago
ETH$0.370363$719K3min ago
USD$484.97$54M0.039346 BCH ($19.11)less than a min ago
BTC$493.68$13.3M4min ago
USD$193.60$53.7M0.1164 BSV ($22.62)2min ago
BTC$197.29$13.5M2min ago
USD$0.029794$41.7M372.5 TRX ($11.15)4min ago
BTC$0.030368$3.59M3min ago
ETH$0.029957$1.14M2min ago
USD$2.75$39.7M0.01 EOS ($0.03)1min ago
BTC$2.81$11.9M3min ago
ETH$2.77$1.34M3min ago
DAI$2.76$639Kless than a min ago
USD$0.288556$36.5M101.4401 XLM ($29.40)4min ago
BTC$0.293281$7.21M3min ago
ETH$0.289932$714K2min ago
USD$95.43$27.9M0.06 ZEC ($5.67)1min ago
BTC$96.97$4.67M3min ago
ETH$95.75$1.36M2min ago
USD$7.79$24.6M0.866 ETC ($6.75)2min ago
BTC$7.93$4.48M3min ago
USD$115.43$20.5M0.0781 DASH ($9.17)4min ago
BTC$117.70$3.72M4min ago
ETH$115.86$812K2min ago
USD$25.00$19.6M1.0 NEO ($25.31)3min ago
BTC$25.49$5.72M4min ago
USD$150.28$12.9M0.031 XMR ($4.65)3min ago
BTC$153.13$11.5M2min ago
ETH$151.12$648K1min ago
BTC$0.415190$12.6M132.4 ENJ ($54.31)2min ago
USD$0.405882$917K3min ago
ETH$0.401556$632K1min ago
USD$3.65$11.5M7.176 OMG ($26.28)3min ago
BTC$3.72$4.14M4min ago
USD$3.07$7.85M2.866 QTUM ($8.96)3min ago
BTC$3.13$1.24M2min ago
USD$0.073160$7.73M216.559 ZIL ($15.96)2min ago
BTC$0.074963$3.75Mless than a min ago
USD$2.70$7.49M3.453 XTZ ($9.80)2min ago
BTC$2.74$1.15M3min ago
USD$0.479870$7.37M2min ago
BTC$0.489554$2.71M3min ago
ETH$0.484758$517Kless than a min ago
USD$0.785045$7.12M12.60125 ICX ($10.01)1min ago
BTC$0.793762$2.9M1min ago
USD$0.231509$6.71M102.1 XEM ($23.77)2min ago
BTC$0.236528$4.7M2min ago
ETH$0.232687$779K4min ago
USD$0.008842$6.45M2.5 DOGE ($0.02)1min ago
BTC$0.009014$1.54M2min ago
USD$0.615044$6.01M7.0 ONT ($4.34)3min ago
BTC$0.625337$1.22M4min ago
BTC$0.033354$5.75M202.0 VET ($6.77)3min ago
BTC$0.018221$5.36M848.0 IOST ($15.09)less than a min ago
USD$0.017641$4.61M2min ago
USD$0.531836$4.33M49.16 ZRX ($26.40)1min ago
BTC$0.542182$2.12M2min ago
BTC$7.06$2.98M4.811 WAVES ($33.87)3min ago
BTC$0.308647$1.75M75.94 CHSB ($22.73)less than a min ago
USD$21.43$1.72M1.4763 LINK ($31.62)3min ago
BTC$21.78$1.72M3min ago
BTC$1.74$1.61M1.23881 NRG ($2.22)3min ago
USD$30.84$1.51M1.1891 ZEN ($36.97)4min ago
BTC$31.44$935K4min ago
BTC$1.75$1.49M15.283 BNT ($26.44)1min ago
BTC$0.012507$1.4M425.0 XVG ($5.29)1min ago
BTC$0.081428$1.35M326.6 CRO ($26.59)3min ago
BTC$1.48$1.29M4.8 LSK ($6.93)1min ago
USD$1.45$1.07M4min ago
BTC$0.115726$1.18M85.41 HBAR ($9.96)1min ago
USD$2.69$1.13M2min ago
BTC$2.70$530K2min ago
BTC$0.026564$1.12M156.0 DGB ($4.08)3min ago
BTC$0.005169$1.05M2451.0 SC ($12.58)4min ago
BTC$8.65$1.01M1.59 ATOM ($13.61)4min ago
BTC$0.017470$800K199.95 RVN ($3.43)less than a min ago
BTC$0.564002$753K2.914 GRIN ($1.10)1min ago
BTC$0.084213$746K117.1 ARDR ($9.87)3min ago
USD$8.29$743K4.953 INJ ($40.69)2min ago
USD$1,361.91$743K0.017288 MKR ($23.24)1min ago
BTC$5.08$725K0.7415 XZC 3min ago
BTC$0.737299$720K59.0 REN ($44.21)4min ago
USD$17.30$682K0.97 DOT ($17.02)3min ago
BTC$0.395119$660K64.16 STORJ ($25.22)1min ago
USD$0.022144$624K1208.9 CHZ ($27.00)1min ago
BTC$0.273012$611K90.2 BAT ($24.30)1min ago
BTC$21.30$609K1.1437 REP ($22.69)1min ago
USD$11.90$588K0.6202 BTG ($7.47)3min ago


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