DigiFinex is a cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Singapore. Our presence across Asia makes us the preferred trading platform of more than 3 million users across the globe.

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Supported Cryptocurrencies

CoinBuy withPriceVolume (24hr)Withdrawal FeeUpdated
USDT$1.28$742Mabout 2h ago
USDT$48,462.85$620Mabout 2h ago
USDT$34.29$369Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.576509$183Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.000000$180Mabout 2h ago
USDT$369.86$125Mabout 2h ago
USDT$12.22$95.4Mabout 2h ago
USDT$16.87$90.6Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.414351$73.8Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.163078$69.1Mabout 2h ago
USDT$1.00$62.5Mabout 2h ago
USDT$1.79$62.4Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.039298$55.5Mabout 2h ago
USDT$23.76$51.6Mabout 2h ago
USDT$18.23$48Mabout 2h ago
BTC$17.23$22.2Mabout 2h ago
USDT$50.15$41.7Mabout 2h ago
USDT$26.09$39.2Mabout 2h ago
USDT$171.21$38.5Mabout 2h ago
BTC$161.87$9.3Mabout 2h ago
USDT$10.67$37.9Mabout 2h ago
BTC$10.10$10Mabout 2h ago
USDT$486.35$34.1Mabout 2h ago
BTC$461.06$8.19Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.043501$31.9Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.046700$29.7Mabout 2h ago
ETH$0.046681$4.72Mabout 2h ago
BTC$0.044348$3.13Mabout 2h ago
USDT$3.56$29.7Mabout 2h ago
USDT$37.07$28.7Mabout 2h ago
BTC$34.98$6.92Mabout 2h ago
USDT$1,521.61$27.9Mabout 2h ago
BTC$1,437.55$11.9Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.001204$27.8Mabout 2h ago
USDT$3.63$26.8Mabout 2h ago
BTC$3.43$4.63Mabout 2h ago
USDT$216.69$25.9Mabout 2h ago
USDT$1.31$25.1Mabout 2h ago
BTC$1.24$7.01Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.578260$22.8Mabout 2h ago
BTC$10.64$22.5Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.001994$21.8Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.114132$20.1Mabout 2h ago
USDT$9.70$19.7Mabout 2h ago
USDT$1.12$19.6Mabout 2h ago
USDT$208.26$19.4Mabout 2h ago
BTC$197.18$5.74Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.000128$18.6Mabout 2h ago
USDT$2,176.77$18.6Mabout 2h ago
USDT$119.13$18.4Mabout 2h ago
BTC$112.57$5.14Mabout 2h ago
USDT$4.53$17.8Mabout 2h ago
BTC$208.75$17Mabout 2h ago
USDT$220.58$15.4Mabout 2h ago
USDT$4.04$16.4Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.146044$15.8Mabout 2h ago
USDT$181.99$15.5Mabout 2h ago
BTC$171.97$6.89Mabout 2h ago
USDT$5.09$14.8Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.049296$13.5Mabout 2h ago
USDT$2,071.13$11.3Mabout 2h ago
USDT$3.20$10.2Mabout 2h ago
BTC$3.03$5.9Mabout 2h ago
USDT$29.12$10.1Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.000001$9.8Mabout 2h ago
USDT$37.57$9.54Mabout 2h ago
BTC$35.64$6.42Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.999568$9.52Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.022902$8.91Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.000001$8.86Mabout 2h ago
USDT$5.22$7.88Mabout 2h ago
BTC$5.05$2.32Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.028506$7.26Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.999769$6.99Mabout 2h ago
USDT$480.66$6.45Mabout 2h ago
USDT$43.83$6.4Mabout 2h ago
USDT$5.19$6.2Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.916988$6.15Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.055784$6.04Mabout 2h ago
BTC$0.052795$4.91Mabout 2h ago
USDT$3.95$5.97Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.434051$5.44Mabout 2h ago
BTC$0.411803$2.99Mabout 2h ago
ETH$0.644643$5.25Mabout 2h ago
BTC$0.600030$3.87Mabout 2h ago
USDT$1.62$3.86Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.022235$3.78Mabout 2h ago
BTC$0.021118$2.25Mabout 2h ago
USDT$37.05$3.55Mabout 2h ago
USDT$33,371.66$3.5Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.237363$3.29Mabout 2h ago
BTC$0.621148$3.02Mabout 2h ago
ETH$0.718232$2.98Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.000203$2.9Mabout 2h ago
BTC$0.036140$2.73Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.046455$2.43Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.031126$2.36Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.002496$2.21Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.032376$2.19Mabout 2h ago
BTC$0.178127$2.12Mabout 2h ago


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