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CoinBuy withPriceVolume (24hr)Updated
BTC$1,754.09$64.7M1 day ago
RUR$134,650.33$16.9K1 day ago
USDT$1,767.20$11.2K1 day ago
USD$1,842.00$10.2K1 day ago
WAVES$1,761.87$136.001 day ago
BTC$60.09$30.9M2 days ago
WAVES$55.88$177.001 day ago
BTC$87.97$24.3M1 day ago
USDT$86.58$306.001 day ago
WAVES$87.06$15.001 day ago
BTC$5.25$12.7M2 days ago
USD$5.50$1.27K2 days ago
USDT$5.31$812.002 days ago
ETH$4.45$750.001 day ago
BTC$14.76$7.12M2 days ago
BTC$62.48$4.86M1 day ago
ETH$61.95$1.28K1 day ago
WAVES$62.58$421.001 day ago
YO$62.90$47.502 days ago
BTC$22.70$3.86M1 day ago
USDT$22.31$2.95K2 days ago
WAVES$22.35$82.202 days ago
USD$0.012318$551K1 day ago
RUR$0.899800$59.9K1 day ago
USDT$28,608.70$35.8K1 day ago
USD$29,804.90$19K1 day ago
RUR$0.252271$13.9K2 days ago
BTC$0.080267$10.4K1 day ago
RUR$6.19$6.73K1 day ago
USD$0.083996$6.6K1 day ago
USDT$0.079459$734.001 day ago
ETH$0.078981$378.001 day ago
WAVES$0.078598$59.001 day ago
YO$0.079950$31.001 day ago
USD$1.05$9.09K1 day ago
ETH$1.00$5.08K1 day ago
BTC$1.02$1.58K1 day ago
WAVES$0.999795$56.401 day ago
BTC$0.057169$6.65K1 day ago
ETH$0.061579$777.001 day ago
USD$0.071000$561.001 day ago
YO$0.073211$18.702 days ago
WAVES$0.062787$10.601 day ago
BTC$0.383724$5.3K1 day ago
USD$0.400497$2.84K1 day ago
ETH$0.377870$1.45K1 day ago
USDT$0.390770$363.001 day ago
WAVES$0.388890$324.001 day ago
YO$0.352493$30.302 days ago
WAVES$0.00000122$5.15K2 days ago
RUR$0.00008890$2.18K2 days ago
BTC$1,006.62$3.98K1 day ago
USDT$972.56$142.001 day ago
WAVES$928.93$13.501 day ago
ETH$0.034733$1.7K1 day ago
BTC$0.034648$556.001 day ago
USD$0.035500$42.102 days ago
USDT$0.994972$1.57K1 day ago
ETH$1.01$264.001 day ago
USD$1.04$215.001 day ago
WAVES$1.02$2.002 days ago
BTC$0.00202112$1.27K1 day ago
RUR$7.06$867.001 day ago
ETH$0.049449$416.002 days ago
RUR$3.77$15.101 day ago
USD$0.054739$10.702 days ago
WAVES$0.044700$2.371 day ago
BTC$0.015014$196.001 day ago
USD$0.015500$3.891 day ago
USD$0.00000022$71.402 days ago
RUR$0.00001778$3.631 day ago
BTC$0.00057746$51.601 day ago
RUR$29.60$39.002 days ago
WAVES$0.403151$4.542 days ago
ETH$0.00003505$18.701 day ago
RUR$0.182000$18.202 days ago
RUR$0.012000$16.001 day ago
BTC$0.00057746$13.101 day ago
BTC$0.381633$12.102 days ago
USD$0.00900000$10.402 days ago
BTC$0.061789$8.481 day ago
RUR$4.00$3.291 day ago
ETH$0.00024534$7.351 day ago
RUR$0.00009700$7.241 day ago
RUR$7.00$7.032 days ago
BTC$0.259652$5.682 days ago
WAVES$0.00023695$4.491 day ago
BTC$0.00086619$3.291 day ago
WAVES$0.026214$3.062 days ago
ETH$0.024965$1.352 days ago
USD$0.025432$1.352 days ago
RUR$0.00443030$3.051 day ago
BTC$0.00088821$2.962 days ago
USD$1.26$2.451 day ago
ETH$0.308983$1.951 day ago
USD$0.329296$1.421 day ago
ETH$0.00035048$1.781 day ago
WAVES$1.28$1.691 day ago
RUR$0.00000366$1.472 days ago
USD$0.00134235$1.232 days ago


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