SushiSwap, a fork of Uniswap, allows for swapping of ERC20 compatible tokens across multiple networks.


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How to Use

To start using SushiSwap you will need an Ethereum compatible wallet. There are a few options but we recommend MetaMask.

Once you have your wallet installed you will need to fill it with ETH so you can pay for gas fees and to trade it for the coin that you want to purchase. You can see many options for purchasing ETH here. Don't use Robinhood for this as you cannot withdraw ETH from your Robinhood account.

Next go to the Coinbuddy page for the coin you want to purchase. Once there click on the ETH link as shown below.

You will now be able to trade ETH for your desired coin. You can also toggle to a different coin if wish to pay with that instead. Tap the up/down arrows if you wish to to sell your coin for ETH (or another coin) instead.

That's it! You are done.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

CoinBuy withPriceVolume (24hr)Updated
WETH$1.01$7.79M6 hours ago
QUARTZ$1.01$51.6K2 days ago
VEGA$1.01$33.7K6 hours ago
USDT$1,769.44$3.3M6 hours ago
JPEG$2,509.05$584K6 hours ago
CRV$1,777.39$410K6 hours ago
ALCX$1,779.72$283K6 hours ago
VEGA$1,827.48$205K2 days ago
IMX$70.86$179K6 hours ago
RGT$1,811.92$132K2 days ago
OMG$1,785.33$105K6 hours ago
ENS$1,775.53$95.5K6 hours ago
AMP$1,819.95$41.6K2 days ago
GODS$1,782.77$37.9K6 hours ago
WNCG$1,814.57$31.8K6 hours ago
RAIL$1,726.23$28.9K6 hours ago
BAYC$1,768.50$10.6K6 hours ago
GRT$1,779.95$9.36K6 hours ago
WETH$29,016.99$1.84M6 hours ago
BADGER$28,858.38$124K6 hours ago
WETH$1.05$1.5M6 hours ago
WETH$1.49$1.46M6 hours ago
FRAX$1.47$70.7K6 hours ago
WETH$1.01$1.29M6 hours ago
WETH$3.88$1.06M2 days ago
USDT$0.801708$899K6 hours ago
WETH$0.097480$868K6 hours ago
WETH$130.30$775K6 hours ago
WETH$1.28$734K6 hours ago
WETH$273.61$693K2 days ago
WETH$17.96$618K6 hours ago
DAI$17.97$617K6 hours ago
WETH$0.583974$543K6 hours ago
WETH$92.83$494K6 hours ago
WETH$0.721832$457K6 hours ago
WETH$7,496.37$359K6 hours ago
WETH$56.00$260K6 hours ago
WETH$0.00123099$250K6 hours ago
WETH$4.81$213K2 days ago
WETH$4.95$209K6 hours ago
USDC$4.95$190K6 hours ago
WETH$9.28$200K6 hours ago
WETH$0.00570085$180K6 hours ago
DAI$0.923537$164K6 hours ago
WETH$0.929700$83.3K6 hours ago
WETH$6.77$145K6 hours ago
USDT$0.175826$142K6 hours ago
WETH$0.00849529$131K6 hours ago
WETH$0.00160306$123K6 hours ago
WETH$0.382663$116K6 hours ago
WETH$0.133005$103K6 hours ago
USDC$0.063605$96.8K2 days ago
WETH$0.064819$93.6K2 days ago
WETH$9.55$93.7K2 days ago
WETH$6.41$78.8K6 hours ago
WETH$0.013914$74.2K6 hours ago
WETH$94.49$69.8K6 hours ago
WETH$1.95$69.3K6 hours ago
USDC$1.69$68.4K6 hours ago
WETH$2.45$66.5K6 hours ago
WETH$0.101942$63.5K2 days ago
USDC$0.034277$54.6K6 hours ago
WETH$0.358376$52.8K6 hours ago
WETH$1.01$49.9K2 days ago
WETH$1.99$47.7K2 days ago
WETH$1.01$45K6 hours ago
WETH$0.224199$44.7K6 hours ago
WETH$0.268794$43.2K6 hours ago
WETH$0.068834$41.1K2 days ago
WETH$1,184.12$40.7K6 hours ago
WETH$0.010421$39.8K2 days ago
WETH$0.388704$38.7K2 days ago
WETH$1.79$38K2 days ago
ETH$1.77$38K2 days ago
WETH$1.01$36.6K6 hours ago
WETH$0.194412$36.1K6 hours ago
WETH$2.50$35.2K6 hours ago
WETH$0.00685668$31.9K2 days ago
WETH$0.026292$31.7K6 hours ago
WETH$0.216041$31.5K6 hours ago
WETH$0.139960$28K6 hours ago
WETH$22.33$26K6 hours ago
WETH$4.82$26K6 hours ago
WETH$92.46$22.2K2 days ago
WETH$0.00510947$22K6 hours ago
WETH$0.045222$15.2K2 days ago
WETH$0.082243$14.9K6 hours ago
WETH$0.605739$12.7K2 days ago
WETH$0.102513$12.3K6 hours ago
WETH$0.00052584$12.3K2 days ago
WETH$0.165223$11.8K6 hours ago
WETH$0.028572$11.5K6 hours ago
WETH$0.00511513$10.3K6 hours ago
WETH$0.00012498$9.62K2 days ago
WETH$1.01$9.6K2 days ago
WETH$0.792715$9.13K6 hours ago
WETH$1.33$8.9K2 days ago
WETH$71.42$8.55K6 hours ago
WETH$1.46$8.47K6 hours ago
USDC$0.010767$8.28K6 hours ago


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