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How to Use

To start using SushiSwap you will need an Ethereum compatible wallet. There are a few options but we recommend MetaMask.

Once you have your wallet installed you will need to fill it with ETH so you can pay for gas fees and to trade it for the coin that you want to purchase. You can see many options for purchasing ETH here. Don't use Robinhood for this as you cannot withdraw ETH from your Robinhood account.

Next go to the Coinbuddy page for the coin you want to purchase. Once there click on the ETH link as shown below.

You will now be able to trade ETH for your desired coin. You can also toggle to a different coin if wish to pay with that instead. Tap the up/down arrows if you wish to to sell your coin for ETH (or another coin) instead.

That's it! You are done.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

CoinBuy withPriceVolume (24hr)Withdrawal FeeUpdated
ETH$76,270.78$167M38min ago
ETH$1.00$140M38min ago
ETH$17.09$129M38min ago
ETH$55,177.29$86.6M38min ago
ETH$1.00$81M38min ago
ETH$19.83$63.4M38min ago
ETH$1.00$62.6M38min ago
ETH$0.012910$57.1M37min ago
ETH$584.81$39.7M38min ago
ETH$1,601.17$11.4M38min ago
ETH$5,731.21$9.77M38min ago
ETH$46.43$9.36M38min ago
ETH$3.61$9.08M38min ago
ETH$41.94$8.68M38min ago
ETH$553.76$6.33M38min ago
ETH$2.15$5.85M38min ago
ETH$834.01$5.03M38min ago
ETH$0.075717$4.95M38min ago
ETH$20.23$4.37M38min ago
ETH$0.706524$3.72M38min ago
ETH$337.50$3.07M38min ago
ETH$14.02$3.02M38min ago
ETH$34.65$3.01M38min ago
ETH$4.45$2.85M38min ago
ETH$169.96$2.64M38min ago
ETH$28.43$2.34M38min ago
ETH$608.21$1.98M37min ago
ETH$128.92$1.96M38min ago
ETH$70.12$1.61M38min ago
ETH$640.95$1.5M38min ago
ETH$1.03$1.48M38min ago
ETH$5.66$1.3M38min ago
ETH$19.39$1.19M38min ago
ETH$10.94$1.1M38min ago
ETH$1.53$1.05M38min ago
ETH$3,728.34$1.01M37min ago
ETH$20.26$988K37min ago
ETH$0.068118$967K38min ago
ETH$58,846.13$942K38min ago
ETH$9.42$894K38min ago
ETH$16.81$883K37min ago
ETH$814.29$860K37min ago
ETH$0.908769$834K37min ago
ETH$93.70$754K37min ago
ETH$0.209395$731K37min ago
ETH$1.81$660K37min ago
ETH$35.68$628K38min ago
ETH$1.30$514K38min ago
ETH$597.38$511K38min ago
ETH$19.73$484K38min ago
ETH$1.02$421K37min ago
ETH$59.33$413K36min ago
ETH$44.46$401K37min ago
ETH$14.35$389K37min ago
ETH$7.48$309K37min ago
ETH$6.76$301K38min ago
ETH$111.19$293K37min ago
ETH$1,210.81$291K37min ago
ETH$0.863883$288K38min ago
ETH$11.97$262K38min ago
ETH$1.28$249K37min ago
ETH$58,041.50$236K37min ago
ETH$9.32$221K37min ago
ETH$229,218.12$190K38min ago
ETH$0.657648$188K37min ago
ETH$0.420424$185K37min ago
ETH$1.04$164K38min ago
ETH$58.43$160K37min ago
ETH$0.522028$158K37min ago
ETH$521.30$154K37min ago
ETH$289.21$140K38min ago
ETH$1.01$138K37min ago
ETH$214.14$138K38min ago
ETH$0.00081748$136K37min ago
ETH$50.66$135K37min ago
ETH$1.57$127K37min ago
ETH$0.860390$122K37min ago
ETH$2.79$119K37min ago
ETH$4.95$108K37min ago
ETH$18.36$106K37min ago
ETH$2.40$106K37min ago
ETH$7.91$92.1K37min ago
ETH$3.25$87.3K37min ago
ETH$0.440149$82.8K36min ago
ETH$1.01$82.4K37min ago
ETH$6.92$81.1K37min ago
ETH$616.62$81.1K36min ago
ETH$13.14$79.5K37min ago
ETH$37.49$75.1K37min ago
ETH$1.05$71.5K38min ago
ETH$0.477431$70.8K37min ago
ETH$0.377890$68.9K36min ago
ETH$0.331548$65K37min ago
ETH$0.059568$64.2K37min ago
ETH$0.166646$63K36min ago
ETH$1.80$62.8K37min ago
ETH$142.81$59.3K37min ago
ETH$0.083702$57.8K37min ago
ETH$11.47$56.6K37min ago
ETH$0.117909$54.6K37min ago


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