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CoinBuy withPriceVolume (24hr)Updated
USDT$0.00000030$498B6 minutes ago
USDT$0.00000180$113B52 seconds ago
USDT$0.00000759$57.4B5 minutes ago
USDT$0.00000324$38.2B2 minutes ago
USDT$0.00001023$23.7B4 minutes ago
USDT$0.00001263$8.99B3 minutes ago
USDT$0.00001670$7.99B59 minutes ago
BTC$0.00082839$6.92B1 day ago
USDT$0.00005878$2.36B2 minutes ago
USDT$64,885.63$1.25B1 hour ago
HUSD$64,957.83$17M1 hour ago
USDT$4,176.08$940M6 minutes ago
BTC$4,094.87$67.9M1 hour ago
HUSD$4,170.44$10.5M1 hour ago
ETH$0.00004972$259M4 minutes ago
BTC$0.00004925$180M1 hour ago
USDT$0.103904$157M1 hour ago
BTC$0.102160$9.64M59 minutes ago
USDT$66.63$152M53 seconds ago
USDT$43.80$149M1 minute ago
BTC$43.02$14M2 minutes ago
USDT$0.00141504$145M56 minutes ago
USDT$9.06$130M3 minutes ago
USDT$1.15$127M3 minutes ago
BTC$1.13$16.9M1 minute ago
USDT$182.60$125M1 hour ago
BTC$179.64$14.3M1 hour ago
USDT$0.00217958$112M57 minutes ago
USDT$0.00376242$103M2 minutes ago
USDT$42.42$102M59 minutes ago
BTC$40.87$29M58 seconds ago
HT$41.95$20.5M1 hour ago
USDT$207.89$101M1 hour ago
BTC$205.79$16.7M5 minutes ago
USDT$0.00000336$94.9M41 seconds ago
USDT$0.255330$92.8M56 minutes ago
BTC$0.247952$11.3M57 minutes ago
USDT$0.035422$91M3 minutes ago
USDT$0.00884073$84.4M3 minutes ago
USDT$0.00378388$84.4M1 minute ago
USDT$2.26$79.8M59 minutes ago
BTC$2.23$14.7M5 minutes ago
USDT$0.00010392$77.9M32 seconds ago
USDT$0.00002873$71M2 minutes ago
USDT$1.97$54.2M58 minutes ago
HUSD$1.00$49.8M29 seconds ago
USDT$0.083008$47.9M3 minutes ago
USDT$4.88$45M1 hour ago
USDT$0.00496749$39.8M1 minute ago
USDT$2.39$37.6M58 minutes ago
USDT$646.76$36.6M57 minutes ago
USDT$27.60$36.2M5 minutes ago
USDT$61.56$35.2M1 hour ago
HT$61.02$9.3M1 minute ago
BTC$59.84$8.5M5 minutes ago
ETH$0.00430351$33.7M5 minutes ago
BTC$0.00421014$15.2M5 minutes ago
USDT$1.57$29.1M2 minutes ago
USDT$27.54$27.4M1 hour ago
USDT$47.09$27.1M37 seconds ago
ETH$0.00104454$26.1M3 minutes ago
BTC$0.00102702$18.5M1 minute ago
USDT$35.72$26M57 seconds ago
USDT$56.24$25.9M1 minute ago
USDT$61.23$23.5M5 minutes ago
USDT$0.492541$22.3M1 minute ago
USDT$11.41$21.2M57 minutes ago
USDT$20.43$21.1M57 minutes ago
USDT$0.00303500$20.9M23 seconds ago
USDT$4.39$20.6M1 hour ago
USDT$128.37$18.5M36 seconds ago
BTC$0.00102702$17.5M6 minutes ago
USDT$0.011740$16.9M1 minute ago
USDT$0.029293$15.6M3 minutes ago
USDT$323.07$15.2M1 hour ago
USDT$175.49$15M3 minutes ago
USDT$1.30$12.9M25 seconds ago
USDT$1.17$12.7M1 hour ago
USDT$1.21$12.7M1 hour ago
USDT$8.68$12.5M4 minutes ago
USDT$15.31$12.3M2 minutes ago
USDT$0.999983$11.9M2 minutes ago
HUSD$1.00$10.8M1 minute ago
USDT$150.94$11.6M5 minutes ago
USDT$1.79$11.4M2 minutes ago
USDT$0.392817$11.3M3 minutes ago
USDT$204.48$10.7M58 minutes ago
USDT$1.84$10.6M3 minutes ago
USDT$0.487700$9.98M7 seconds ago
USDT$0.141649$9.78M9 seconds ago
USDT$0.870919$9.64M34 seconds ago
USDT$1.62$9.64M3 minutes ago
USDT$3.01$9.31M6 minutes ago
USDT$0.021320$9.11M2 minutes ago
USDT$0.00019696$9.09M1 hour ago
USDT$0.833669$8.98M3 minutes ago
USDT$264.42$8.98M6 minutes ago
USDT$0.091502$8.95M1 hour ago
USDT$7.01$8.74M59 minutes ago
USDT$14.86$8.29M52 seconds ago


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