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CoinBuy withPriceVolume (24hr)Updated
USDT$0.00000001$232T1 hour ago
USDT$0.00001336$845B43 minutes ago
USDT$0.00005028$43.1B1 hour ago
USDT$0.00017583$36.7B1 hour ago
USDT$0.00011191$15.3B45 minutes ago
USDT$0.00007389$14.8B1 hour ago
USDT$0.00010041$6.99B1 hour ago
USDT$0.00023745$4.84B1 hour ago
BTC$0.00263160$3.7B1 hour ago
USDT$0.00058322$1.31B38 minutes ago
USDT$0.00137184$774M1 hour ago
USDT$2,175.21$637M1 hour ago
BTC$2,157.54$22M1 hour ago
USDT$0.00810496$556M1 hour ago
USDT$34,257.13$413M54 minutes ago
USDT$0.00406800$369M31 minutes ago
USDT$41.86$294M38 minutes ago
BTC$40.15$17.3M1 hour ago
USDT$0.00169800$252M1 hour ago
USDT$0.00343100$248M50 minutes ago
USDT$0.00031400$135M41 minutes ago
BTC$0.00031498$21.3M1 hour ago
HT$0.00031299$4.55M1 hour ago
USDT$49.38$133M54 minutes ago
BTC$0.453840$123M3 hours ago
USDT$44.24$103M1 hour ago
USDT$0.195154$96.2M1 hour ago
USDT$0.00000238$79.7M31 minutes ago
USDT$0.721088$74.5M1 hour ago
BTC$0.748159$6.08M40 minutes ago
ETH$0.00006948$71.6M1 hour ago
BTC$0.00006848$33.8M1 hour ago
USDT$0.020674$69.3M1 hour ago
USDT$13.67$68.7M1 hour ago
USDT$0.057195$63.2M1 hour ago
USDT$49.48$53.9M33 minutes ago
BTC$49.11$5.08M1 hour ago
USDT$0.034900$48.7M1 hour ago
USDT$0.013334$48.6M36 minutes ago
USDT$20.37$45.4M49 minutes ago
BTC$19.85$11.3M1 hour ago
USDT$16.68$45.3M54 minutes ago
USDT$0.00224880$42.7M38 minutes ago
USDT$0.041678$38.7M47 minutes ago
USDT$5.73$38.4M29 minutes ago
USDT$0.608390$37.4M40 minutes ago
USDT$0.351964$36.4M1 hour ago
BTC$0.00142587$34.3M3 hours ago
USDT$0.942236$34.2M1 hour ago
USDT$3.66$30.1M51 minutes ago
USDT$9.25$28.1M36 minutes ago
USDT$8.40$27.7M1 hour ago
BTC$8.39$7.93M29 minutes ago
HT$8.38$4.23M1 hour ago
USDT$18.19$26.5M1 hour ago
USDT$124.55$24.3M1 hour ago
USDT$1.23$23.5M43 minutes ago
USDT$1.25$23.1M49 minutes ago
USDT$4.17$22.5M1 hour ago
HUSD$1.00$21M39 minutes ago
USDT$457.27$18.4M1 hour ago
USDT$8.03$18.3M44 minutes ago
ETH$0.00167198$17.4M57 minutes ago
BTC$0.00161215$14M1 hour ago
USDT$0.249541$16.5M1 hour ago
USDT$0.00000643$14.7M56 minutes ago
USDT$0.722000$14.7M30 minutes ago
USDT$0.282500$14.5M32 minutes ago
USDT$286.17$14.4M1 hour ago
USDT$0.00162299$13.4M1 hour ago
USDT$0.045933$10.6M1 hour ago
USDT$127.61$10.5M48 minutes ago
USDT$1.29$10.1M1 hour ago
USDT$0.071539$9.82M1 hour ago
USDT$0.266485$9.75M32 minutes ago
BTC$0.00463324$9.54M1 hour ago
ETH$0.00469409$9.34M1 hour ago
USDT$0.070800$9.37M32 minutes ago
USDT$28.35$9.28M1 hour ago
USDT$0.832700$9.03M57 minutes ago
USDT$6.95$9.03M34 minutes ago
USDT$184.84$8.33M1 hour ago
USDT$140.76$8.26M51 minutes ago
USDT$11.43$7.5M59 minutes ago
USDT$406.43$6.85M1 hour ago
USDT$2.11$6.66M1 hour ago
USDT$98.93$6.43M1 hour ago
USDT$0.544355$5.66M1 hour ago
BTC$4.39$5.53M1 hour ago
USDT$18.32$5.18M1 hour ago
USDT$186.29$5.17M1 hour ago
USDT$29,504.37$5.03M50 minutes ago
USDT$15.31$4.9M35 minutes ago
USDT$0.00806094$4.56M1 hour ago
USDT$0.024106$4.47M1 hour ago
USDT$0.751200$4.13M58 minutes ago
USDT$1.53$4.09M1 hour ago
USDT$8.46$3.99M1 hour ago
USDT$0.676114$3.78M46 minutes ago
USDT$0.999500$3.73M59 minutes ago


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