Uniswap (v3)

Uniswap v3 is the most powerful version of the protocol yet, with Concentrated Liquidity offering unprecedented capital efficiency for liquidity providers, better execution for traders, and superior infrastructure at the heart of decentralized finance.

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How to Use

To start using Uniswap you will need an Ethereum compatible wallet. There are a few options but we recommend MetaMask.

Once you have your wallet installed you will need to fill it with ETH so you can pay for gas fees and to trade it for the coin that you want to purchase. You can see many options for purchasing ETH here. Don't use Robinhood for this as you cannot withdraw ETH from your Robinhood account.

Next go to the Coinbuddy page for the coin you want to purchase. Once there click on the ETH link as shown below.

You will now be able to trade ETH for your desired coin. You can also toggle to a different coin if wish to pay with that instead. Tap the red arrow if you wish to to sell your coin for ETH (or another coin) instead.

That's it! You are done.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

CoinBuy withPriceVolume (24hr)Updated
WETH$0.00000014$7.24T1 hour ago
WETH$0.00000242$8.74B1 day ago
WETH$0.00004859$7.66B18 hours ago
WETH$0.070308$3.94B2 hours ago
WETH$0.021916$507M54 minutes ago
WETH$0.00020117$493M54 minutes ago
USDC$3,474.51$316M54 minutes ago
WETH$0.096538$306M54 minutes ago
USDT$0.092797$16.8M3 hours ago
USDT$0.999406$124M54 minutes ago
WETH$0.00020597$95.4M8 hours ago
USDT$1.00$67.2M54 minutes ago
USDC$1.00$2.94M54 minutes ago
WETH$67,533.27$39.9M54 minutes ago
USDC$67,257.11$7.33M54 minutes ago
DAI$67,190.48$5.98M54 minutes ago
USDT$67,177.38$5.91M54 minutes ago
WETH$0.00257151$38.4M1 hour ago
WETH$0.00148027$36.9M54 minutes ago
WETH$0.00083084$32.6M54 minutes ago
WETH$4,084.29$18.9M54 minutes ago
WEETH$4,078.33$5.38M54 minutes ago
EZETH$4,072.90$1.85M54 minutes ago
WETH$0.00287974$15.1M54 minutes ago
NEMO$0.351130$5.58M54 minutes ago
TSUKA$0.00300015$1.76M4 hours ago
USDC$0.00303149$684K4 hours ago
WETH$0.00112822$14.9M54 minutes ago
WETH$3,631.09$13.7M54 minutes ago
WETH$3,752.56$12.6M54 minutes ago
WETH$0.00029641$10.5M1 hour ago
WETH$0.027645$10.2M54 minutes ago
WETH$3,486.53$9.49M54 minutes ago
WETH$0.00578496$8.94M2 hours ago
FUND$0.00217236$1.28M8 hours ago
USDC$0.998451$7.99M54 minutes ago
USDT$0.996869$1.59M54 minutes ago
USDT$0.999460$5.96M54 minutes ago
WETH$1.00$3.45M54 minutes ago
FRAX$1.00$1.37M54 minutes ago
WETH$0.067955$5.42M54 minutes ago
WETH$0.00450187$5.23M54 minutes ago
WETH$0.00625795$5.05M2 hours ago
WETH$0.00001259$4.61M54 minutes ago
WETH$0.00000021$4.39M23 hours ago
USDC$9.84$4.14M2 hours ago
WETH$0.417316$3.15M54 minutes ago
WETH$0.00369133$2.82M54 minutes ago
WETH$0.220533$2.72M54 minutes ago
WETH$0.012166$2.71M54 minutes ago
WETH$0.00502103$2.59M54 minutes ago
WETH$0.00970577$2.21M5 hours ago
WETH$0.00984929$2.14M54 minutes ago
USDC$0.999465$2.04M54 minutes ago
CRV$1.99$1.89M54 minutes ago
WETH$0.036198$1.73M54 minutes ago
USDT$1.12$1.72M54 minutes ago
WETH$333.71$1.72M54 minutes ago
USDC$331.31$567K54 minutes ago
USDC$0.017727$1.64M16 hours ago
WETH$0.020507$541K7 hours ago
WETH$0.00015237$1.62M1 hour ago
WETH$7.57$1.57M54 minutes ago
WETH$29.96$1.42M54 minutes ago
WETH$5.17$1.35M54 minutes ago
WETH$2,272.28$1.29M54 minutes ago
USDC$15.39$1.21M54 minutes ago
WETH$0.113447$1.17M54 minutes ago
WETH$0.064884$1.07M54 minutes ago
WETH$0.034230$1.05M54 minutes ago
WETH$0.036185$1.05M54 minutes ago
WETH$0.00158424$960K6 hours ago
WETH$0.251079$956K54 minutes ago
WETH$1.63$941K54 minutes ago
WETH$0.00002162$935K54 minutes ago
WETH$0.00001098$889K1 hour ago
WETH$0.00345624$876K54 minutes ago
USDC$1.00$872K54 minutes ago
USDC$0.749909$839K54 minutes ago
WETH$0.133178$810K1 hour ago
WETH$135.76$807K54 minutes ago
WETH$0.869950$802K54 minutes ago
WETH$152.71$779K54 minutes ago
WETH$0.057867$777K54 minutes ago
USDT$0.057691$665K54 minutes ago
WETH$1.93$771K54 minutes ago
WETH$0.011386$756K1 hour ago
USDC$0.601529$743K54 minutes ago
WETH$0.694504$705K5 hours ago
USDC$0.223995$632K54 minutes ago
WETH$11.82$613K54 minutes ago
WETH$0.00727553$612K1 hour ago
USDC$1.07$597K54 minutes ago
WETH$3,688.41$591K54 minutes ago
WETH$0.00708492$588K1 hour ago
USDC$48.34$578K22 hours ago
WETH$0.018125$557K54 minutes ago
WETH$0.022431$549K54 minutes ago
WBTC$3.90$545K5 hours ago
WETH$0.00000104$539K13 hours ago


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