Cheaper and faster than Uniswap? Discover PancakeSwap, the leading DEX on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with the best farms in DeFi and a lottery for CAKE.


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How to Use

To start using PancakeSwap you will need an BSC (Binance Smart Chain) compatible wallet. There are a few options but we recommend MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

Once you have your wallet installed you will need to fill it with BNB so you can pay for gas fees and to trade it for the coin that you want to purchase. You can see many options for purchasing BNB here. Binance is a popular option. You can also buy BNB directly on Trust Wallet.

Next go to the Coinbuddy page for the coin you want to purchase. Once there click on the WBNB (or any of the other coins if you wish to pay with them) link as shown below. If you have Trust Wallet you can access PancakeSwap directly from the DApp browser.

You will now be able to trade WBNB for your desired coin. You can also toggle to a different coin if wish to pay with that instead. Tap arrow if you wish to to sell your coin for BNB (or another coin) instead.

That's it! You are done.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

CoinBuy withPriceVolume (24hr)Updated
WBNB$0.00000000$18.9Q1 day ago
WBNB$0.00000000$12.5Q1 day ago
WBNB$0.00000000$511T1 day ago
WBNB$0.00000000$43.4T1 day ago
WBNB$0.00000000$17.1T2 days ago
WBNB$0.00000000$2.4T1 day ago
WBNB$0.00000000$222B1 day ago
BTCB$0.00000000$10.2B1 day ago
WBNB$0.00000000$92.3B1 day ago
WBNB$0.00000033$43.4B1 day ago
WBNB$0.00000007$41.4B1 day ago
WBNB$0.00000027$35.8B1 day ago
WBNB$0.00000003$19.4B1 day ago
WBNB$0.00000015$11.9B2 days ago
WBNB$0.00000009$9.21B1 day ago
WBNB$0.00000000$6.33B1 day ago
WBNB$0.00000000$6.05B1 day ago
WBNB$0.00000003$5.74B2 days ago
WBNB$0.00000000$3.36B2 days ago
WBNB$0.00000000$2.18B1 day ago
WBNB$0.00000168$1.91B1 day ago
WBNB$0.00260668$1.65B3 hours ago
WBNB$0.00000000$1.6B1 day ago
WBNB$0.00000000$867M1 day ago
BSC-USD$0.00079114$420M16 minutes ago
WBNB$0.00000000$356M2 days ago
BSC-USD$0.00010193$193M1 day ago
WBNB$0.00010224$126M1 day ago
WBNB$0.00000050$152M1 day ago
WBNB$0.00241427$151M3 hours ago
WBNB$0.00000019$90.6M1 day ago
WBNB$0.00000211$37.6M1 day ago
WBNB$0.00000000$35.3M2 days ago
WBNB$0.157129$28.1M17 minutes ago
BSC-USD$0.150940$830K3 hours ago
WBNB$0.00133622$19.7M3 hours ago
BSC-USD$0.00002665$16.8M1 day ago
WBNB$0.00000000$13.2M1 day ago
WBNB$0.00000707$12.2M1 day ago
WBNB$0.00007336$12M2 days ago
WBNB$0.00002024$9.5M2 days ago
WBNB$0.00196441$5.65M1 day ago
WBNB$0.997339$5.48M17 minutes ago
BUSD$1.01$363K2 hours ago
BSC-USD$0.016809$5.45M3 hours ago
WBNB$0.00032907$5.25M2 days ago
BUSD$0.00024885$4.99M1 day ago
WBNB$0.00000002$4.39M1 day ago
WBNB$0.00009763$2.68M2 days ago
WBNB$0.00074173$2.47M1 day ago
WBNB$0.00075873$2M1 day ago
WBNB$0.00046359$1.96M9 hours ago
WBNB$0.017522$1.94M2 days ago
BUSD$0.00010386$1.65M1 day ago
WBNB$0.00010361$1.26M1 day ago
BUSD$610.30$1.47M17 minutes ago
WBNB$0.00325668$1.45M17 minutes ago
WBNB$0.00089838$1.38M1 day ago
USDC$6.88$1.33M17 minutes ago
WBNB$2.50$1.17M17 minutes ago
BSC-USD$2.53$429K17 minutes ago
WBNB$0.00035885$1.15M2 days ago
WBNB$0.00528730$1.14M23 hours ago
WBNB$0.021668$1.13M17 minutes ago
WBNB$0.00883578$1.11M2 days ago
WBNB$0.00048354$1.1M1 hour ago
WBNB$0.00187696$1.07M17 minutes ago
WBNB$0.00000000$1.06M2 days ago
WBNB$0.010234$1.05M2 days ago
WBNB$0.00360838$954K1 day ago
BSC-USD$0.066308$874K3 hours ago
WBNB$0.330843$601K3 hours ago
BUSD$7.64$582K17 minutes ago
WBNB$0.00150592$570K1 day ago
WBNB$0.157414$566K17 minutes ago
WBNB$0.00186841$524K1 day ago
WBNB$0.00000013$460K1 day ago
BUSD$0.059075$453K17 minutes ago
WBNB$0.00006787$410K3 hours ago
WBNB$0.00235618$405K1 day ago
WBNB$0.00678995$391K16 minutes ago
WBNB$4.28$385K17 minutes ago
WBNB$0.00615013$366K4 hours ago
BSC-USD$0.042031$366K3 hours ago
WBNB$0.300614$363K17 minutes ago
WBNB$0.00555758$343K1 day ago
USDC$0.063723$333K1 day ago
WBNB$0.070588$287K2 days ago
BSC-USD$0.019427$330K1 hour ago
WBNB$0.121660$324K17 minutes ago
FAST$0.00187633$307K1 day ago
BSC-USD$1.49$303K3 hours ago
WBNB$29.96$280K17 minutes ago
WBNB$1.96$271K17 minutes ago
BSC-USD$0.133666$270K1 day ago
WBNB$0.119521$253K17 minutes ago
BSC-USD$0.646152$247K2 hours ago
WBNB$0.00000000$245K1 day ago
WBNB$0.025986$219K16 minutes ago
WBNB$0.135246$218K17 minutes ago


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