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Serum is a decentralized exchange (DEX) and ecosystem that brings unprecedented speed and low transaction costs to decentralized finance. It is built on Solana and is completely permissionless.


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CoinBuy withPriceVolume (24hr)Updated
USDC$43.02$2.05M5 hours ago
USDT$43.11$453K5 hours ago
USDC$1,714.66$1.7M5 hours ago
USDT$1,715.42$1.42M5 hours ago
SOL$9.64$27.5K5 hours ago
USDC$28,576.28$1.63M5 hours ago
USDT$28,617.52$348K5 hours ago
MSOL$29,383.10$2.09K5 hours ago
USDC$22.43$1.44M5 hours ago
USDC$1.00$681K5 hours ago
USDT$1.13$106K1 day ago
USDC$1.40$441K5 hours ago
USDC$300.52$407K5 hours ago
USDT$300.20$48.6K5 hours ago
USDC$1,720.05$364K5 hours ago
SOL$9.64$53.4K5 hours ago
USDT$1,725.99$48.8K5 hours ago
MSOL$1,782.41$3.27K5 hours ago
USDC$1.03$338K5 hours ago
USDC$6.23$271K5 hours ago
USDT$6.36$1.81K5 hours ago
USDC$0.604632$181K5 hours ago
RAY$0.576928$19.6K2 days ago
USDT$0.896790$152K5 hours ago
USDC$0.889342$134K5 hours ago
SRM$0.923202$45.2K2 days ago
SOL$0.00497362$1.54K5 hours ago
USDC$0.573220$138K5 hours ago
USDC$41.12$128K5 hours ago
USDT$40.85$21.7K5 hours ago
UST$27.93$247.005 hours ago
USDC$0.087133$120K5 hours ago
USDC$2.94$117K1 day ago
USDC$0.722778$87.9K5 hours ago
RAY$0.00521013$81.5K1 day ago
USDC$0.00493190$1.64K5 hours ago
USDT$28.92$78.1K1 day ago
USDC$28.97$52.7K1 day ago
USDC$0.999284$71.8K5 hours ago
SOL$0.013784$69.5K5 hours ago
USDC$2.48$15.8K5 hours ago
USDC$1.08$69.3K1 day ago
USDC$0.00791304$59.9K5 hours ago
RAY$0.00796060$52.5K2 days ago
USDC$1.81$57.4K2 days ago
USDC$5.07$43.9K2 days ago
USDC$0.081371$41.1K5 hours ago
USDC$0.010504$24.8K5 hours ago
USDC$2.66$22.2K2 days ago
USDC$0.045618$20.2K5 hours ago
USDC$0.00284109$19.6K5 hours ago
USDC$0.00800120$18.6K1 day ago
USDC$6.26$17.1K5 hours ago
USDT$6.27$1.84K5 hours ago
USDC$0.160162$15.8K5 hours ago
USDT$99.50$11.4K1 day ago
USDC$0.484186$10.6K5 hours ago
USDC$0.080071$8.18K5 hours ago
USDC$3.35$6.7K5 hours ago
USDC$1.07$5.67K5 hours ago
RAY$0.476019$4.46K1 day ago
USDT$0.473946$691.005 hours ago
USDC$0.470381$647.005 hours ago
USDC$0.00980377$3.95K5 hours ago
USDC$0.940361$3.48K5 hours ago
USDC$0.00290066$2.86K1 day ago
RAY$0.00001183$2.7K1 day ago
USDC$1.00$2.33K1 day ago
USDC$0.379146$2.19K5 hours ago
USDT$0.045130$2.06K5 hours ago
USDT$7,413.80$2.04K5 hours ago
USDC$7,406.85$478.005 hours ago
SRM$8,449.59$192.002 days ago
GSAIL$0.020104$2.01K5 hours ago
USDC$0.00007503$2.01K5 hours ago
RAY$0.00006843$308.002 days ago
USDC$0.055621$1.88K5 hours ago
USDC$0.012803$1.74K1 day ago
USDC$0.110016$1.43K1 day ago
USDC$1.15$1.17K5 hours ago
RAY$0.420584$1.16K2 days ago
USDC$0.00001040$1.14K5 hours ago
USDC$0.126849$907.005 hours ago
USDC$0.038415$806.005 hours ago
USDC$0.00141054$759.005 hours ago
USDC$0.090435$710.005 hours ago
USDC$0.069810$683.001 day ago
USDC$0.053020$585.005 hours ago
USDC$0.112043$470.005 hours ago
USDT$0.00275550$432.005 hours ago
USDT$1,859.86$370.001 day ago
USDC$1,846.28$286.001 day ago
USDC$0.011006$304.002 days ago
USDC$0.00050019$283.005 hours ago
USDC$0.039906$266.001 day ago
USDC$0.071227$245.005 hours ago
USDC$0.200077$214.005 hours ago
MSOL$0.100199$213.001 day ago
USDC$0.00214783$213.005 hours ago
USDT$0.057655$193.005 hours ago


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