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USDT$1,418.63$85.4M0.01367254 ETH ($19.40)about 1h ago
BTC$1,373.86$17.5Mabout 1h ago
USDC$1,416.56$2.67Mabout 1h ago
TRX$1,417.88$36.5Kabout 1h ago
USDT$34,587.58$45.3M0.0005 BTC ($17.28)about 1h ago
USDC$34,582.30$11Mabout 1h ago
USDT$5,098.45$2.06M0.00484914 ETHBULL ($24.83)about 1h ago
BTC$0.268486$1.82M0.05 XRP ($0.01)about 1h ago
USDT$0.277036$1.39Mabout 1h ago
USDT$145.46$1.74M0.001 LTC ($0.15)about 1h ago
BTC$140.94$1.15Mabout 1h ago
USDC$145.43$40.6Kabout 1h ago
USDT$0.031078$1.65M0.01 TRX ($0.00)about 1h ago
BTC$0.030129$556Kabout 1h ago
USDC$0.031125$36.5Kabout 1h ago
USDT$35,090.13$1.02M0.00079146 BULL ($0.00)about 1h ago
USDT$1.00$943K0.05 USDJ ($0.05)about 1h ago
USDT$0.031227$910K15.0 JST ($0.47)about 1h ago
TRX$0.031764$62.2Kabout 1h ago
BTC$139.35$612K0.0001 XMR ($0.01)about 1h ago
USDT$144.20$273Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.265808$576K0.00001 STR ($0.00)about 1h ago
USDT$0.273366$220Kabout 1h ago
USDT$0.008707$565K2557.41394302 BEAR ($22.16)about 1h ago
USDT$0.000227$478K111313.9498642 ETHBEAR ($24.99)about 1h ago
USDC$1.00$428K70.0 USDT ($70.06)about 1h ago
USDT$0.256278$370K97.60695086 TRU ($24.97)about 1h ago
USDT$18.14$334K0.1 DOT ($1.80)about 1h ago
BTC$17.46$104Kabout 1h ago
USDT$1,024.11$301K0.02324236 LINKBULL ($24.32)about 1h ago
USDT$0.000375$287K250.0 BTT ($0.09)about 1h ago
BTC$0.008369$280K30.0 DOGE ($0.26)about 1h ago
USDT$0.008713$61.2Kabout 1h ago
BTC$8.03$265K0.35 ATOM ($2.89)about 1h ago
USDT$8.23$65.6Kabout 1h ago
USDT$94.46$253K0.001 ZEC ($0.10)about 1h ago
BTC$91.68$100Kabout 1h ago
USDC$94.42$28.9Kabout 1h ago
ETH$96.40$20.6Kabout 1h ago
USDT$112.95$206K0.01 DASH ($1.12)about 1h ago
BTC$109.15$106Kabout 1h ago
USDC$111.51$28.2Kabout 1h ago
USDT$8.01$199K2.95042674 SUSHI ($23.88)about 1h ago
USDT$0.100496$191K1.0 XFLR about 1h ago
USDT$7.81$188K0.04375 ETC ($0.34)about 1h ago
BTC$7.62$43.7Kabout 1h ago
USDT$0.326597$180K73.98862653 SENSO ($24.17)about 1h ago
BTC$0.316358$111Kabout 1h ago
USDT$460.98$175K0.001 BCH ($0.46)about 1h ago
BTC$446.52$104Kabout 1h ago
USDT$189.54$175K0.001 BCHSV ($0.12)about 1h ago
BTC$184.11$97Kabout 1h ago
USDC$188.01$92.8Kabout 1h ago
BTC$23.64$146K0.98274578 LINK ($24.09)about 1h ago
USDT$24.43$131Kabout 1h ago
USDT$1.99$124K12.24619276 TRXBULL ($24.33)about 1h ago
BTC$0.217601$122K15.0 XEM ($3.37)about 1h ago
USDT$0.668836$98.3K37.87931876 XRPBULL ($25.04)about 1h ago
USDT$0.094682$96.8K255.70139968 CVT ($24.21)about 1h ago
BTC$0.093066$27.8Kabout 1h ago
USDT$258.40$86.9K0.09323402 AAVE ($24.11)about 1h ago
BTC$250.55$44.8Kabout 1h ago
USDT$1.75$82.4K0.16135011 AVA ($0.28)about 1h ago
BTC$1.70$47.7Kabout 1h ago
USDT$2.09$82.2K11.63661376 SRM ($24.39)about 1h ago
USDT$11.34$81.8K2.11018073 UNI ($24.55)about 1h ago
USDT$1.26$81K19.87145806 POLS ($24.61)about 1h ago
USDT$3.51$71.7K0.01 QTUM ($0.04)about 1h ago
USDT$0.000037$67.8K715717.14858288 LINKBEAR ($26.30)about 1h ago
BTC$3.65$58.8K6.3526915 OMG ($23.69)about 1h ago
USDT$16.89$57.1K1.41166559 SNX ($23.50)about 1h ago
BTC$16.24$39.6Kabout 1h ago
BTC$2.66$49.8K0.01 EOS ($0.03)about 1h ago
USDT$2.73$32.8Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.062602$46.2K346.24657631 LOOM ($22.36)about 1h ago
USDT$10.70$42.3K2.36919063 FTT ($25.31)about 1h ago
USDT$1.31$41.4K18.82304102 PRQ ($23.89)about 1h ago
USDT$24.78$39.2KFreeabout 1h ago
BTC$4.92$37.7K5.25415946 LPT ($28.09)about 1h ago
BTC$52.22$36.2K0.1 DCR ($5.37)about 1h ago
USDT$5.80$32.4K4.4741984 BCHBULL ($25.73)about 1h ago
USDT$8.17$29K3.15177511 LTCBULL ($25.30)about 1h ago
USDT$0.064274$29K396.65093338 BSVBULL ($25.21)about 1h ago
USDT$0.039083$28.3K636.3227266 RSR ($24.92)about 1h ago
USDT$2.08$28.1K11.40928627 CRV ($24.47)about 1h ago
USDT$15.92$27.9K1.56525195 STAKE ($24.38)about 1h ago
USDT$0.005939$25.5K4521.85048592 BCHC ($26.51)about 1h ago
USDT$3.55$25.3K7.30214569 MTA ($24.26)about 1h ago
USDT$0.549514$24.9K43.44813582 ZRX ($23.95)about 1h ago
USDT$31,589.64$24.6K0.00077072 YFI ($24.69)about 1h ago
USDT$1.07$24.4K22.16580208 SXP ($23.54)about 1h ago
USDT$5.61$24.2K4.2483938 API3 ($23.56)about 1h ago
USDT$0.197340$21K118.99482501 BCHBEAR ($23.67)about 1h ago
USDT$0.012550$20.1K5.0 FUND ($0.06)about 1h ago
USDT$0.290383$19.6K88.07737449 XRPBEAR ($25.55)about 1h ago
USDT$0.570408$19.3K61.18226404 GRT ($35.27)about 1h ago
USDT$42.99$18.5K0.05 BNB ($2.16)about 1h ago
USDT$1.00$17.7K1.75 TUSD ($1.75)about 1h ago
USDC$1.00$17.2Kabout 1h ago
USDT$0.611665$16.8K39.58817467 SWAP ($24.12)about 1h ago


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