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CoinBuy withPriceVolume (24hr)Withdrawal FeeUpdated
USDT$8,665.50$27.7M0.0005 BTC ($4.33)about 1h ago
USDC$8,653.59$7.16Mabout 1h ago
USDT$167.41$9.56M0.01 ETH ($1.67)about 1h ago
USDC$167.14$2.83Mabout 1h ago
BTC$167.31$2.77Mabout 1h ago
USDT$0.016821$9.08M0.01 TRX ($0.00)about 1h ago
BTC$0.016891$183Kabout 1h ago
USDC$0.016800$7.53Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.238213$3.24M0.05 XRP ($0.01)about 1h ago
USDT$0.238667$715Kabout 1h ago
USDC$0.238508$48.2Kabout 1h ago
BTC$301.88$3.23M0.001 BCHSV ($0.12)about 1h ago
USDC$302.41$1.67Mabout 1h ago
USDT$303.12$772Kabout 1h ago
USDC$0.998357$791K10.0 USDT ($9.99)about 1h ago
BTC$344.18$765K0.001 BCHABC ($0.23)about 1h ago
USDT$344.29$154Kabout 1h ago
USDC$342.64$80.9Kabout 1h ago
BTC$8.85$616K0.01 ETC ($0.09)about 1h ago
USDT$8.85$383Kabout 1h ago
ETH$8.82$37Kabout 1h ago
USDC$8.82$13.3Kabout 1h ago
BTC$110.63$607K0.01 DASH ($1.10)about 1h ago
USDT$110.70$301Kabout 1h ago
USDC$109.34$43.4Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.063408$464K0.00001 STR ($0.00)about 1h ago
USDT$0.062850$159Kabout 1h ago
USDC$0.063102$9.83Kabout 1h ago
BTC$65.18$405K0.0001 XMR ($0.01)about 1h ago
USDT$65.17$78.5Kabout 1h ago
USDC$65.39$10.4Kabout 1h ago
USDT$57.70$279K0.001 LTC ($0.06)about 1h ago
BTC$57.69$228Kabout 1h ago
USDC$57.65$51.6Kabout 1h ago
USDT$53.58$236K0.001 ZEC ($0.05)about 1h ago
BTC$53.63$129Kabout 1h ago
ETH$53.36$37.1Kabout 1h ago
USDC$53.57$35.7Kabout 1h ago
BTC$4.58$150K0.005 ATOM ($0.02)about 1h ago
USDT$4.57$51.3Kabout 1h ago
USDC$4.53$8.62Kabout 1h ago
USDT$3.64$59.8KFreeabout 1h ago
BTC$3.64$57.2Kabout 1h ago
ETH$3.63$6.99Kabout 1h ago
USDC$3.60$6.07Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.037075$33.1K15.0 XEM ($0.56)about 1h ago
BTC$14.01$32.3K0.1 REP ($1.40)about 1h ago
USDT$13.96$10.7Kabout 1h ago
ETH$13.97$8.24Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.018797$30.8K5.0 BTS ($0.09)about 1h ago
BTC$0.224700$21.5K9.0 BAT ($2.01)about 1h ago
USDT$0.225370$8.6Kabout 1h ago
ETH$0.224490$2.87Kabout 1h ago
USDT$1.93$17.7K0.01 QTUM ($0.02)about 1h ago
BTC$1.94$7.82Kabout 1h ago
BTC$1.04$13.7K0.1 GRIN ($0.10)about 1h ago
USDT$1.03$6.37Kabout 1h ago
USDC$1.03$1.3Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.002339$7.51K20.0 DOGE ($0.05)about 1h ago
USDT$0.002371$6.18Kabout 1h ago
USDC$0.002362$1.01Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.020097$6.23K1.0 CVC ($0.02)about 1h ago
USDT$0.233792$5.99K5.0 ZRX ($1.17)about 1h ago
BTC$0.234142$2.72Kabout 1h ago
ETH$0.232624$1.08Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.011261$5.79K1.0 NXT ($0.01)about 1h ago
USDT$0.011792$2.2Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.348051$5.03K0.01 STRAT ($0.00)about 1h ago
BTC$19.55$4.78K0.1 DCR ($1.95)about 1h ago
BTC$1.91$4.62K0.05 LPT ($0.10)about 2h ago
BTC$0.001473$3.6K10.0 SC ($0.02)about 1h ago
USDT$0.001499$441.00about 1h ago
BTC$0.278146$3.59K1.1 ETHBNT about 1h ago
BTC$0.035082$3.59K22.0 MANA ($0.77)about 1h ago
USDT$0.034993$1.25Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.031877$2.36K1.0 GNT ($0.03)about 1h ago
USDT$0.032227$129.00about 1h ago
BTC$0.000346$2.2K1.0 BCN ($0.00)about 1h ago
BTC$0.111570$2.16K1.0 STORJ ($0.11)about 1h ago
BTC$0.787490$2.1K0.3 OMG ($0.24)about 1h ago
BTC$1.13$1.82KFreeabout 1h ago
BTC$0.684062$1.73K0.1 LSK ($0.07)about 1h ago
USDT$0.677314$924.00about 1h ago
BTC$0.017325$1.32K19.0 LOOM ($0.33)about 1h ago
BTC$0.260822$1.27K1.5 KNC ($0.39)about 1h ago
BTC$6.38$1.08K0.05 NMR ($0.29)about 4h ago
BTC$0.018104$766.000.25 POLY ($0.00)about 1h ago
BTC$0.218030$660.001.1 BNT ($0.24)about 1h ago
BTC$0.020876$626.001.0 FOAM ($0.02)about 1h ago
BTC$0.010481$609.00200.0 SNT ($2.06)about 1h ago
BTC$0.044004$243.002.0 ARDR ($0.09)about 1h ago


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