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CoinBuy withPriceVolume (24hr)Updated
USD$69,339.25$156M2 days ago
USD$152.33$145M4 hours ago
USD$0.999480$143M2 days ago
USD$15.46$20M1 day ago
EUR$16.16$280K2 days ago
ETH$15.77$60.3K7 hours ago
USD$2.15$14.9M8 hours ago
USD$1.02$11.5M8 hours ago
USD$0.085610$11.3M1 day ago
USD$446.63$7.98M2 hours ago
USD$0.625500$5.94M1 day ago
EUR$0.998609$5.85M22 hours ago
GBP$1.00$2.57M12 hours ago
USD$0.453600$5.43M1 day ago
USD$24.08$4.93M3 hours ago
USD$0.124080$4.24M2 days ago
USD$3.37$3.78M2 hours ago
USD$26.15$3.19M10 hours ago
USD$0.283600$3.04M2 days ago
USD$2,347.72$2.71M19 hours ago
USD$13.84$2.57M20 hours ago
USD$1.03$2.55M20 hours ago
USD$2.17$2.45M7 hours ago
USD$20.01$2.18M3 hours ago
USD$1.17$1.86M1 day ago
USDT$0.485714$1.6M3 hours ago
ETH$3,818.29$1.56M9 hours ago
USD$0.870390$1.53M12 hours ago
USD$3.32$1.51M2 days ago
USD$0.181500$1.32M2 days ago
USD$0.343200$1.27M2 days ago
EUR$0.710126$1.24M2 days ago
BTC$0.725815$664K2 days ago
USD$0.00089700$1.24M1 day ago
USD$0.025703$1.2M7 hours ago
USDT$0.00002228$1.19M1 day ago
USD$0.00545800$1.11M2 days ago
USD$0.111100$1.02M1 day ago
USDT$0.140943$1.01M2 days ago
GBP$0.144401$114K2 days ago
USD$0.200900$993K2 hours ago
BTC$66,763.80$990K1 day ago
USD$67,890.89$420K22 hours ago
USDT$32.77$918K7 hours ago
EUR$31.60$906K1 day ago
USD$0.860000$898K20 hours ago
USD$0.128800$825K2 days ago
USD$2.99$810K16 hours ago
USD$0.104000$808K2 days ago
USD$2.99$771K1 day ago
USD$2.24$650K1 day ago
EUR$2.35$54.9K12 hours ago
EUR$78.04$648K6 hours ago
BTC$80.29$169K2 days ago
USD$0.419000$622K4 hours ago
USD$0.00195000$584K2 days ago
USD$1.61$583K22 hours ago
USD$0.474340$558K18 hours ago
USD$0.037040$551K1 day ago
USD$0.460000$488K17 hours ago
USD$0.051150$431K2 days ago
USD$14.71$426K1 day ago
USDT$10.18$416K1 day ago
EUR$6.39$401K2 days ago
USDT$6.52$248K2 days ago
GBP$6.59$153K3 hours ago
USD$29.93$395K7 hours ago
USD$1.99$395K3 hours ago
USD$79.31$373K1 day ago
USD$0.413300$348K2 days ago
USD$0.999800$321K2 days ago
USD$0.699400$316K10 hours ago
USD$0.00138100$312K2 days ago
USD$0.019820$312K1 day ago
USD$23.56$311K7 hours ago
USD$1.53$275K21 hours ago
USD$0.999000$265K1 day ago
BTC$0.448270$257K12 hours ago
ETH$0.437650$65.3K8 hours ago
USD$0.176690$237K2 days ago
USD$0.057700$215K3 hours ago
USD$0.100500$208K1 day ago
USD$2.56$203K2 days ago
USD$0.219000$201K1 day ago
BTC$0.261142$187K2 hours ago
USDT$6.58$179K19 hours ago
USD$0.478500$170K18 hours ago
USD$4.01$164K1 day ago
USD$0.187810$152K8 hours ago
USD$0.075500$141K2 days ago
BTC$5.90$136K2 days ago
GBP$5.40$83.5K1 day ago
USD$23.49$132K7 hours ago
USD$0.060500$115K1 day ago
USD$0.759200$105K2 days ago
USD$19.03$101K1 day ago
USD$2.46$90.9K2 days ago
USD$0.112500$85.3K2 hours ago
USD$0.435200$78.9K1 day ago
EUR$0.379380$66.5K2 days ago


  • Matthew Hui
    6 years ago

    Have an auto buy set up to buy a little bit of BTC, ETH and LTC everyday. One of the best exchanges if you are trading one of the currencies they support because limit orders are free and withdrawing your coins is free as well. Coinbase/GDAX are well established and I trust that they are secure.

    1 Reply

  • -1 OR 1=1
    2 years ago



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