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CoinBuy withPriceVolume (24hr)Withdrawal FeeUpdated
USD$8,633.64$48.8MFree2min ago
EUR$8,651.73$13.6M2min ago
GBP$8,654.29$2.83M2min ago
USDC$8,638.92$1.9M2min ago
USD$342.99$15.8MFree2min ago
EUR$344.35$1.58M2min ago
BTC$344.76$1.2M1min ago
GBP$343.66$427K2min ago
USD$166.62$11MFree2min ago
EUR$167.05$2.81M2min ago
BTC$167.27$1.57M2min ago
GBP$167.34$574K2min ago
USDC$166.81$502K2min ago
DAI$165.55$119K2min ago
USD$0.232700$7.43MFree2min ago
EUR$0.232941$932K1min ago
BTC$0.233276$802K2min ago
USD$8.84$6.07MFree2min ago
EUR$8.92$961K2min ago
BTC$8.87$870K2min ago
GBP$8.71$336K2min ago
USD$57.12$5.65MFree2min ago
EUR$57.23$591K2min ago
BTC$57.30$447K2min ago
GBP$57.30$220K2min ago
USD$110.07$4.65MFree2min ago
BTC$110.82$702K1min ago
USD$1.57$3.86MFree2min ago
BTC$1.58$986K2min ago
USD$2.73$3.58MFree2min ago
ETH$2.73$214K2min ago
USD$0.062493$2.54MFree2min ago
EUR$0.062520$455K2min ago
BTC$0.062715$454K2min ago
BTC$3.64$1.14MFree2min ago
USD$3.62$804K2min ago
EUR$3.62$196K2min ago
USDC$0.996619$1.01MFree2min ago
USD$4.54$933KFree2min ago
BTC$4.53$130K2min ago
USD$13.95$826KFree1min ago
BTC$13.95$222K2min ago
USD$0.304000$810KFree2min ago
USDC$53.10$711KFree2min ago
BTC$53.50$261K1min ago
USDC$0.223334$610KFree2min ago
ETH$0.223251$46.8K2min ago
USD$0.233210$389KFree2min ago
EUR$0.233150$68.9K2min ago
BTC$0.233882$60.1K2min ago
USD$0.237200$256KFree1min ago
USDC$0.035109$2.98KFree2min ago
USDC$0.017510$2.81KFree2min ago
USDC$0.020348$2.13KFree2min ago
USDC$0.005725$1.88KFree1min ago
USDC$0.032016$1.24KFree1min ago


  • Matthew Hui
    over 1y ago

    Have an auto buy set up to buy a little bit of BTC, ETH and LTC everyday. One of the best exchanges if you are trading one of the currencies they support because limit orders are free and withdrawing your coins is free as well. Coinbase/GDAX are well established and I trust that they are secure.


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