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Supported Cryptocurrencies

CoinBuy withPriceVolume (24hr)Withdrawal FeeUpdated
USD$10,751.19$195MFree1min ago
EUR$10,767.21$18Mless than a min ago
USDC$10,762.07$7.18Mless than a min ago
GBP$10,763.56$5.5Mless than a min ago
USD$100.24$30MFree1min ago
BTC$98.84$6.32M1min ago
EUR$100.82$2.42Mless than a min ago
GBP$100.48$648Kless than a min ago
USD$228.06$25.2MFreeless than a min ago
BTC$224.69$5.21Mless than a min ago
EUR$233.10$2.54Mabout 1h ago
GBP$230.04$642Kless than a min ago
DAI$229.17$543K1min ago
USDC$232.97$468Kabout 1h ago
USD$324.98$19.2MFreeless than a min ago
BTC$320.13$4.1M1min ago
EUR$325.34$1.05M1min ago
GBP$334.68$355Kabout 1h ago
USD$0.333000$11.3MFreeless than a min ago
BTC$0.328712$3.18M1min ago
EUR$0.333932$1.19Mless than a min ago
USD$2.65$6.14MFreeless than a min ago
ETH$2.69$163Kabout 1h ago
USD$4.31$2.15MFreeless than a min ago
BTC$4.24$580Kless than a min ago
EUR$4.32$303Kless than a min ago
USD$0.096673$1.99MFreeabout 1h ago
BTC$0.093222$508Kless than a min ago
EUR$0.094618$266K1min ago
USD$6.30$1.32MFreeabout 1h ago
EUR$6.19$308Kless than a min ago
BTC$6.06$217Kabout 1h ago
GBP$6.17$84K1min ago
USDC$1.00$721KFreeless than a min ago
USDC$0.255241$534KFreeless than a min ago
ETH$0.260852$62.4K1min ago
USD$0.247379$529KFreeless than a min ago
BTC$0.243647$228K1min ago
EUR$0.251162$67.3Kabout 1h ago
USDC$77.94$428KFreeless than a min ago
BTC$76.58$65.2Kless than a min ago
USD$13.00$375KFreeabout 1h ago
BTC$12.58$105Kless than a min ago
USDC$0.010217$16.8KFree1min ago
USDC$0.065684$15.2KFree1min ago
USDC$0.047386$11.8KFreeless than a min ago
USDC$0.052881$2.22KFreeless than a min ago
USDC$0.052119$772.00Freeless than a min ago


  • Matthew Hui
    about 1y ago

    Have an auto buy set up to buy a little bit of BTC, ETH and LTC everyday. One of the best exchanges if you are trading one of the currencies they support because limit orders are free and withdrawing your coins is free as well. Coinbase/GDAX are well established and I trust that they are secure.


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