CoinTiger is a major cryptocurrency exchange that offers trading services to Bitcoin , Ethereum , Litecoin, USDT and more, including Spot, Fiat, Futures, Leveraged Tokens. CoinTiger is currently supported on both the website and the application. Reliable, transparent and convenient for use.

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Supported Cryptocurrencies

CoinBuy withPriceVolume (24hr)Withdrawal FeeUpdated
BITCNY$48,490.04$54.8Mabout 1h ago
USDT$48,375.36$29.6Mabout 1h ago
USDT$171.15$50.1Mabout 1h ago
BTC$162.20$2.79Mabout 1h ago
BITCNY$1,524.33$40.2Mabout 1h ago
USDT$1,522.80$30.1Mabout 1h ago
BTC$1,443.65$6.21Mabout 1h ago
USDT$0.056296$35.2Mabout 1h ago
USDT$0.435051$31Mabout 1h ago
BTC$0.411344$3.35Mabout 1h ago
USDT$1.28$24.6Mabout 1h ago
BTC$1.20$13.7Mabout 1h ago
USDT$0.000440$16.4Mabout 1h ago
USDT$34.30$16.2Mabout 1h ago
USDT$0.222267$10.8Mabout 1h ago
USDT$26.08$9.75Mabout 1h ago
USDT$3.61$8.37Mabout 1h ago
BTC$3.42$696Kabout 1h ago
ETH$3.66$172Kabout 1h ago
USDT$0.649782$8.06M1d ago
USDT$118.53$7.29Mabout 1h ago
BTC$112.25$331Kabout 1h ago
USDT$16.85$7.11Mabout 1h ago
USDT$245.57$6.13Mabout 1h ago
USDT$208.32$5.47Mabout 1h ago
USDT$0.013564$4.62Mabout 1h ago
BITCNY$0.014026$2.95Mabout 1h ago
BTC$0.176290$4.61Mabout 1h ago
USDT$0.027442$4.25Mabout 1h ago
USDT$1,560.43$4.08Mabout 1h ago
USDT$26.35$4.07Mabout 1h ago
USDT$370.93$3.88Mabout 1h ago
USDT$37.92$3.75Mabout 1h ago
USDT$0.006799$2.7Mabout 1h ago
USDT$492.08$2.67Mabout 1h ago
USDT$485.45$2.45Mabout 1h ago
BTC$461.02$218Kabout 1h ago
USDT$0.350374$2.36Mabout 1h ago
BTC$0.743725$2.2Mabout 1h ago
USDT$0.717991$2.06Mabout 1h ago
USDT$33,370.76$1.68Mabout 1h ago
USDT$4.02$1.47Mabout 1h ago
USDT$1.87$1.45Mabout 1h ago
USDT$2,063.26$1.35Mabout 1h ago
USDT$218.47$1.28Mabout 1h ago
USDT$0.413766$1.08Mabout 1h ago
USDT$0.000094$1.05Mabout 1h ago
USDT$484.71$1.04Mabout 1h ago
USDT$0.001207$979Kabout 1h ago
USDT$10.71$952Kabout 1h ago
USDT$180.82$947Kabout 1h ago
USDT$0.046644$943Kabout 1h ago
USDT$1.80$923Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.285553$859Kabout 1h ago
USDT$0.396497$823Kabout 1h ago
USDT$0.023062$819Kabout 1h ago
USDT$20.61$682Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.244235$680Kabout 1h ago
USDT$0.906351$658Kabout 1h ago
USDT$37.10$639Kabout 1h ago
USDT$0.362482$613Kabout 1h ago
BITCNY$0.046580$609Kabout 1h ago
USDT$1.12$600Kabout 1h ago
USDT$1.43$543Kabout 1h ago
USDT$25.53$532Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.000918$531Kabout 1h ago
USDT$1,523.44$525Kabout 1h ago
USDT$4.50$516Kabout 1h ago
USDT$0.017388$512Kabout 1h ago
USDT$0.558972$498Kabout 1h ago
USDT$527.49$456Kabout 1h ago
USDT$4.00$456Kabout 1h ago
USDT$126.73$446Kabout 1h ago
USDT$0.049286$437Kabout 1h ago
USDT$8.05$404Kabout 1h ago
USDT$1,749.09$399Kabout 1h ago
BTC$1,699.09$263Kabout 1h ago
USDT$0.256845$396Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.295194$392Kabout 1h ago
USDT$0.703485$376Kabout 1h ago
USDT$0.056158$367Kabout 1h ago
USDT$23.85$336Kabout 1h ago
ETH$0.106659$325Kabout 1h ago
USDT$0.010142$303Kabout 1h ago
USDT$0.050970$292Kabout 1h ago
USDT$0.654023$272Kabout 1h ago
USDT$4.05$271Kabout 1h ago
USDT$271.15$266Kabout 1h ago
USDT$1.00$255Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.042695$243Kabout 1h ago
USDT$0.049268$235Kabout 1h ago
BTC$27.37$236Kabout 1h ago
USDT$2,175.40$223Kabout 1h ago
USDT$2.42$219Kabout 1h ago
BITCNY$0.647063$217Kabout 1h ago
USDT$5.55$208Kabout 1h ago
BTC$0.019741$198Kabout 1h ago
USDT$12.67$192Kabout 1h ago
USDT$0.251517$185Kabout 1h ago
ETH$0.005356$162Kabout 1h ago


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