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CoinBuy withPriceVolume (24hr)Withdrawal FeeUpdated
USDT$48,690.38$3.96Babout 2h ago
BUSD$49,269.50$873Mabout 2h ago
EUR$49,365.12$187Mabout 2h ago
USDC$48,910.09$136Mabout 2h ago
GBP$49,395.70$53.2Mabout 2h ago
PAX$48,936.80$28.9Mabout 2h ago
USDT$246.82$1.8Babout 2h ago
BUSD$250.98$473Mabout 2h ago
BTC$233.16$320Mabout 2h ago
EUR$251.07$85.6Mabout 2h ago
ETH$249.51$57.1Mabout 2h ago
USDT$1,531.90$1.73Babout 2h ago
BUSD$1,549.59$514Mabout 2h ago
BTC$1,443.42$482Mabout 2h ago
EUR$1,553.31$78.5Mabout 2h ago
USDC$1,541.74$46.2Mabout 2h ago
GBP$1,551.09$36.7Mabout 2h ago
USDT$1.29$1.55Babout 2h ago
BTC$1.22$420Mabout 2h ago
BUSD$1.31$200Mabout 2h ago
EUR$1.32$102Mabout 2h ago
BNB$1.31$71.5Mabout 2h ago
ETH$1.30$53.9Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.999880$816Mabout 2h ago
USDT$35.29$582Mabout 2h ago
BTC$32.91$96.9Mabout 2h ago
BUSD$35.32$45.9Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.590435$319Mabout 2h ago
BTC$0.551825$68.9Mabout 2h ago
USDT$26.78$282Mabout 2h ago
BTC$25.17$40.8Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.441469$261Mabout 2h ago
BTC$0.415476$42.3Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.237047$259Mabout 2h ago
BTC$0.221740$95.5Mabout 2h ago
USDT$172.91$220Mabout 2h ago
BTC$163.02$41.6Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.999680$183Mabout 2h ago
BUSD$1.00$39.5Mabout 2h ago
USDT$12.52$172Mabout 2h ago
BUSD$12.49$77.1Mabout 2h ago
BNB$12.60$32.7Mabout 2h ago
BTC$11.67$31.4Mabout 2h ago
USDT$374.08$129Mabout 2h ago
BTC$350.19$33.2Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.168312$128Mabout 2h ago
BTC$0.156549$49.4Mabout 2h ago
USDT$1.20$115Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.653001$115Mabout 2h ago
BTC$0.612425$44Mabout 2h ago
USDT$24.30$107Mabout 2h ago
USDT$2.23$104Mabout 2h ago
USDT$15.13$103Mabout 2h ago
BTC$14.20$66Mabout 2h ago
USDT$493.76$99.7Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.049772$99.6Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.039704$94.2Mabout 2h ago
USDT$16.92$94.2Mabout 2h ago
BTC$15.83$28.9Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.421532$85.2Mabout 2h ago
USDT$52.33$81.1Mabout 2h ago
USDT$3.66$78.6Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.047145$73.7Mabout 2h ago
BUSD$1.38$67.1Mabout 2h ago
BNB$1.40$28.6Mabout 2h ago
USDT$137.19$65.3Mabout 2h ago
USDT$1.77$64.7Mabout 2h ago
USDT$1.09$57.6Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.043663$57.2Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.666770$56.9Mabout 2h ago
USDT$4.07$56Mabout 2h ago
USDT$40.98$56Mabout 2h ago
USDT$18.61$54.6Mabout 2h ago
USDT$26.71$54.1Mabout 2h ago
USDT$5.67$51.6Mabout 2h ago
USDT$37.53$51.5Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.331157$49.4Mabout 2h ago
USDT$6.08$46.6Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.080411$44.4Mabout 2h ago
USDT$137.80$44.1Mabout 2h ago
USDT$1.44$43.5Mabout 2h ago
USDT$37.80$43.1Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.031416$42.8Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.898941$41.8Mabout 2h ago
USDT$212.81$41.5Mabout 2h ago
USDT$550.75$41.3Mabout 2h ago
USDT$121.58$40.2Mabout 2h ago
USDT$1.39$38.9Mabout 2h ago
USDT$14.05$36Mabout 2h ago
USDT$1.35$35.7Mabout 2h ago
USDT$2,084.16$33.6Mabout 2h ago
TRY$0.995901$32.5Mabout 2h ago
USDT$4.15$30.4Mabout 2h ago
USDT$1.16$30.4Mabout 2h ago
USDT$33,879.73$29.1Mabout 2h ago
USDT$122.94$29.1Mabout 2h ago
USDT$1.65$28.9Mabout 2h ago
USDT$1.21$28.8Mabout 2h ago
USDT$95.36$28.5Mabout 2h ago
USDT$0.054501$28.5Mabout 2h ago


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