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CoinBuy withPriceVolume (24hr)Updated
USDT$42.13$2.09B1 hour ago
BUSD$42.18$340M1 hour ago
BTC$42.22$134M1 hour ago
BNB$42.26$35M1 hour ago
USDT$33,957.88$1.83B32 minutes ago
BUSD$33,874.15$471M2 hours ago
USDC$34,019.77$91.3M10 minutes ago
EUR$34,154.30$70.5M2 hours ago
USDT$2,162.28$1.5B32 minutes ago
BUSD$2,143.83$437M2 hours ago
BTC$2,156.72$252M32 minutes ago
EUR$2,162.68$79.9M2 hours ago
USDC$2,170.14$42.5M10 minutes ago
TRY$2,130.70$25.9M2 hours ago
USDT$1.73$1.09B1 hour ago
BUSD$1.73$333M1 hour ago
BTC$1.72$49M1 hour ago
BNB$1.72$34.2M1 hour ago
USDT$0.998567$865M2 hours ago
USDT$0.270173$523M1 hour ago
BUSD$0.270294$132M1 hour ago
BTC$0.269933$39.9M1 hour ago
USDT$300.07$462M28 minutes ago
BUSD$297.78$168M2 hours ago
BTC$298.65$40.1M32 minutes ago
USDT$10.72$330M1 hour ago
BUSD$10.74$53.2M1 hour ago
USDT$0.195010$328M39 seconds ago
BUSD$0.194411$37.6M2 hours ago
TRY$0.194263$37.2M1 hour ago
BTC$0.194406$28.2M41 seconds ago
USDT$0.719386$273M2 hours ago
BTC$0.721064$36.4M2 hours ago
BUSD$0.721693$32M2 hours ago
USDT$0.944880$235M4 minutes ago
BUSD$0.933198$44.6M2 hours ago
USDT$0.604600$211M16 minutes ago
USDT$13.56$199M2 hours ago
BUSD$13.58$25.5M2 hours ago
BTC$13.58$22.6M2 hours ago
USDT$1.22$184M17 minutes ago
BUSD$1.22$37.3M2 hours ago
BTC$1.22$27.4M24 minutes ago
USDT$5.68$183M4 minutes ago
USDT$17.98$175M1 hour ago
BUSD$16.12$107M1 hour ago
USDT$0.361366$170M2 hours ago
USDT$40.17$166M1 hour ago
BUSD$40.19$24M1 hour ago
USDT$0.300392$152M1 hour ago
BUSD$0.300204$27.9M1 hour ago
USDT$48.46$145M14 minutes ago
USDT$49.07$123M1 hour ago
USDT$8.10$98.3M2 hours ago
USDT$16.57$94.4M9 minutes ago
USDT$0.999500$93M9 minutes ago
BUSD$1.00$47M1 hour ago
BNB$65.12$24.6M11 minutes ago
USDT$0.246245$90.5M2 hours ago
TRY$0.245517$36.1M1 hour ago
USDT$28.20$85.8M2 hours ago
USDT$1.91$77.2M1 hour ago
USDT$3.57$76.5M2 hours ago
USDT$1.31$75.3M4 minutes ago
USDT$0.00000638$66M1 hour ago
USDT$0.710665$61M2 hours ago
USDT$4.37$58.7M2 hours ago
USDT$0.071280$58.6M12 minutes ago
USDT$13.85$58M1 hour ago
USDT$124.58$57.5M23 minutes ago
USDT$3.64$56.6M15 minutes ago
USDT$283.36$56M1 hour ago
USDT$18.05$48.6M1 hour ago
TRY$0.996447$48M2 hours ago
USDT$1.16$42.8M2 hours ago
USDT$1.10$42M1 hour ago
USDT$7.91$41.5M2 hours ago
USDT$0.320600$41.2M3 minutes ago
USDT$0.491314$41M1 hour ago
USDT$0.639239$40.9M2 hours ago
USDT$0.056680$40.6M14 minutes ago
USDT$0.054194$39.6M2 hours ago
USDT$0.761213$37.4M2 hours ago
USDT$0.574367$37.2M1 hour ago
USDT$1.60$35.2M2 hours ago
USDT$450.57$35.1M2 hours ago
USDT$1.61$32.1M1 hour ago
USDT$7.15$31.9M1 hour ago
USDT$0.263750$31.4M15 minutes ago
USDT$405.48$31.1M2 hours ago
BUSD$0.210973$30.5M1 hour ago
USDT$46.75$29.8M2 hours ago
USDT$37.29$29.7M2 hours ago
USDT$0.538444$29.4M1 hour ago
USDT$14.93$29.4M9 minutes ago
USDT$182.49$29.3M2 hours ago
USDT$11.33$28M4 minutes ago
USDT$139.71$28M5 minutes ago
USDT$3.08$27.2M1 hour ago
USDT$2.00$22.6M1 hour ago


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