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CoinBuy withPriceVolume (24hr)Withdrawal FeeUpdated
USDT$8,760.69$710M0.0004 BTC ($3.68)3d ago
BUSD$8,776.99$52.8M3d ago
USDC$8,784.80$19.4M3d ago
TUSD$8,752.69$5.2M3d ago
PAX$8,768.84$4.32M3d ago
EUR$8,870.46$1.24M3d ago
NGN$9,913.85$723K3d ago
TRY$8,931.16$466K3d ago
RUB$8,652.53$138K3d ago
IDRT$8,873.21$30.6K3d ago
ZAR$9,358.80$13.3K3d ago
USDT$201.51$139M0.003 ETH ($0.63)3d ago
BTC$211.73$42.9M3d ago
BUSD$201.91$2.87M3d ago
USDC$202.00$2.19M3d ago
PAX$201.90$1.18M3d ago
TUSD$201.15$710K3d ago
EUR$203.82$90.1K3d ago
TRY$205.56$56K3d ago
RUB$199.02$16.1K3d ago
ZAR$212.28$3.72K3d ago
USDT$0.018720$95.4M1.75 TFUEL ($0.02)3d ago
BTC$0.018788$94.7M3d ago
USDT$16.15$36.9M0.001 BNB ($0.02)3d ago
BTC$16.96$17.5M3d ago
BUSD$16.16$1.44M3d ago
ETH$16.18$1.43M3d ago
USDC$16.17$165K3d ago
TUSD$16.09$91.3K3d ago
PAX$16.16$35.1K3d ago
EUR$16.31$31.2K3d ago
TRY$16.42$27.2K3d ago
NGN$18.25$14.3K3d ago
RUB$15.99$10.8K3d ago
IDRT$16.32$5.75K3d ago
ZAR$17.32$1.12K3d ago
USDT$0.998153$31.8M1.01 BUSD ($1.01)3d ago
NGN$1.13$281K3d ago
TRY$1.02$21.2K3d ago
IDRT$1.01$11K3d ago
RUB$0.986155$10.7K3d ago
ZAR$1.06$1.1K3d ago
USDT$3.81$25.7M0.26 LINK ($1.01)3d ago
BTC$4.00$8.35M3d ago
ETH$3.81$359K3d ago
BUSD$3.81$205K3d ago
USDC$3.81$178K3d ago
TUSD$3.80$132K3d ago
PAX$3.98$13.2K3d ago
USDT$226.36$22.2M0.001 BCH ($0.23)3d ago
BTC$226.83$6.52M3d ago
PAX$226.84$629K3d ago
TUSD$226.02$627K3d ago
BUSD$226.85$291K3d ago
USDC$226.54$224K3d ago
BNB$226.09$189K3d ago
BTC$0.008955$21.4M1.71 COS ($0.02)3d ago
USDT$0.008859$12.6M3d ago
BNB$0.008938$469K3d ago
BTC$0.352146$21M0.1 THETA ($0.04)3d ago
USDT$0.351464$16.8M3d ago
ETH$0.352689$1.44M3d ago
BNB$0.353983$309K3d ago
USDT$0.193226$19.7M0.25 XRP ($0.05)3d ago
BTC$0.202813$7.78M3d ago
ETH$0.193578$388K3d ago
BUSD$0.193359$322K3d ago
BNB$0.193287$187K3d ago
USDC$0.193187$185K3d ago
TUSD$0.192848$49.5K3d ago
PAX$0.193237$37.8K3d ago
TRY$0.197866$17.6K3d ago
EUR$0.195825$12.3K3d ago
RUB$0.190506$8.61K3d ago
BTC$0.006760$17.2M0.1 IOTX ($0.00)3d ago
USDT$0.006772$11.4M3d ago
ETH$0.006782$1.34M3d ago
USDT$2.50$17.1M0.1 EOS ($0.26)3d ago
BTC$2.63$4.48M3d ago
ETH$2.51$410K3d ago
BNB$2.51$261K3d ago
BUSD$2.50$220K3d ago
USDC$2.51$122K3d ago
TUSD$2.50$39.3K3d ago
PAX$2.51$11.4K3d ago
USDT$0.052107$17M1.0 ADA ($0.06)3d ago
BTC$0.054685$4.87M3d ago
ETH$0.052216$373K3d ago
BUSD$0.052145$194K3d ago
USDC$0.052146$193K3d ago
BNB$0.052194$121K3d ago
TUSD$0.051895$101K3d ago
USDT$1.78$16.5M0.65 OMG ($1.07)3d ago
BTC$1.88$11M3d ago
ETH$1.79$609K3d ago
USDT$42.47$15.6M0.001 LTC ($0.04)3d ago
BTC$44.60$6.23M3d ago
USDC$42.49$313K3d ago
ETH$42.59$293K3d ago
BNB$42.51$189K3d ago
BUSD$42.51$176K3d ago
PAX$42.64$74.3K3d ago
TUSD$42.40$71.2K3d ago
USDT$6.63$14.6M0.01 ETC ($0.07)3d ago
BTC$6.97$4.05M3d ago
ETH$6.64$236K3d ago
BUSD$6.65$151K3d ago
BNB$6.64$100K3d ago
USDT$0.014316$12.4M1.0 TRX ($0.01)3d ago
BTC$0.015098$3.1M3d ago
ETH$0.014334$794K3d ago
BNB$0.014311$392K3d ago
BUSD$0.014321$248K3d ago
USDC$0.014326$246K3d ago
XRP$0.014361$240K3d ago
PAX$0.014330$164K3d ago
TUSD$0.014285$156K3d ago
USDT$0.019714$12.1M51.0 MATIC ($1.23)3d ago
BTC$0.019754$9.87M3d ago
BNB$0.019730$183K3d ago
BUSD$0.019702$153K3d ago
USDT$2.70$9.95M0.5 XTZ ($1.35)3d ago
BTC$2.70$3.75M3d ago
BNB$2.70$144K3d ago
BUSD$2.69$84.6K3d ago
USDT$0.998053$7.75M1.01 USDC ($1.01)3d ago
PAX$1.00$62.3K3d ago
TUSD$0.996738$13.5K3d ago
BTC$0.003775$7.68M280.0 FUEL ($0.84)3d ago
USDT$0.004498$7.67M100.0 VET ($0.50)3d ago
BTC$0.004565$2.16M3d ago
ETH$0.004501$226K3d ago
BUSD$0.004503$97.6K3d ago
BNB$0.004490$57K3d ago
BTC$0.019490$6.6M1.0 RVN ($0.02)3d ago
USDT$0.019374$3.79M3d ago
BUSD$0.019302$138K3d ago
BNB$0.019409$101K3d ago
USDT$0.473587$5.92M1.0 ONT ($0.50)3d ago
BTC$0.474093$1.55M3d ago
ETH$0.474693$75K3d ago
BUSD$0.474846$50.1K3d ago
BNB$0.474667$44.3K3d ago
USDT$0.010406$5.88M0.01 ZIL ($0.00)3d ago
BTC$0.010448$5.65M3d ago
ETH$0.010366$608K3d ago
BNB$0.010384$307K3d ago
BUSD$0.010381$108K3d ago
USDT$9.72$5.54MFree3d ago
BTC$10.20$2.17M3d ago
ETH$9.73$106K3d ago
BUSD$9.74$62.1K3d ago
BNB$9.73$39.6K3d ago
TUSD$9.76$37.9K3d ago
USDC$9.74$15.1K3d ago
USDT$0.064399$5.29M0.01 XLM ($0.00)3d ago
BTC$0.067666$2.25M3d ago
ETH$0.064495$85.3K3d ago
BUSD$0.064426$43.8K3d ago
BNB$0.064424$20.7K3d ago
TUSD$0.068114$9.1K3d ago
BTC$0.005268$5.23M245.0 QKC ($1.09)3d ago
ETH$0.005322$423K3d ago
BTC$0.003336$5.17M4.71 PHB 3d ago
TUSD$0.003250$200K3d ago
USDT$0.998253$4.48M1.01 TUSD ($1.01)3d ago
USDT$0.311867$4.41M0.02 ICX ($0.01)3d ago
BTC$0.327741$2.85M3d ago
ETH$0.311953$97.2K3d ago
BNB$0.311389$56.4K3d ago
BUSD$0.311730$55.3K3d ago
USDT$1.58$4.39M0.01 QTUM ($0.02)3d ago
BTC$1.66$1.23M3d ago
ETH$1.58$69.3K3d ago
BUSD$1.58$20.7K3d ago
BTC$0.178693$4.29M6.0 ENJ ($1.33)3d ago
USDT$0.169711$2.45M3d ago
ETH$0.170413$174K3d ago
BUSD$0.170267$77.1K3d ago
BNB$0.170102$40K3d ago
USDT$45.26$4.17M0.005 ZEC ($0.23)3d ago
BTC$47.55$1.83M3d ago
ETH$45.28$71.5K3d ago
BUSD$45.17$47.5K3d ago
USDC$45.36$37.9K3d ago
BNB$45.11$24.5K3d ago
TUSD$45.13$21K3d ago
USDT$0.004017$4.13M1.0 IOST ($0.00)3d ago
BTC$0.004039$1.41M3d ago
ETH$0.004016$68.6K3d ago
BNB$0.003995$31.4K3d ago
USDT$8.22$3.97MFree3d ago
USDT$72.40$3.92M0.002 DASH ($0.15)3d ago
BTC$76.00$1.56M3d ago
ETH$72.44$78.1K3d ago
BUSD$72.57$37.1K3d ago
BNB$72.49$28.5K3d ago
USDT$0.200129$3.9M0.01 ALGO ($0.00)3d ago
BTC$0.200524$2.76M3d ago
BNB$0.199902$208K3d ago
TUSD$0.199367$95.7K3d ago
BUSD$0.199719$52.2K3d ago
PAX$0.199797$18.5K3d ago
USDT$0.998153$3.7M1.01 PAX ($1.01)3d ago
TUSD$0.996638$4.2K3d ago
BTC$63.92$3.64M0.0001 XMR ($0.01)3d ago
USDT$60.87$3.22M3d ago
ETH$60.89$105K3d ago
BUSD$61.01$51K3d ago
BNB$60.75$38.6K3d ago
USDT$0.002322$3.32M6.8 ERD ($0.01)3d ago
BTC$0.002370$720K3d ago
BNB$0.002323$205K3d ago
BUSD$0.002327$187K3d ago
BTC$0.423394$3.15M2.57 BNT ($1.39)3d ago
USDT$0.404549$2.15M3d ago
ETH$0.403217$439K3d ago
BUSD$0.404239$144K3d ago
BTC$0.033977$3.14M29.0 POLY ($0.96)3d ago
BTC$0.687797$3.03M1.55 KNC ($1.03)3d ago
ETH$0.654334$434K3d ago
BTC$0.038103$2.89M1.0 HBAR ($0.05)3d ago
USDT$0.037931$1.97M3d ago
BNB$0.038173$104K3d ago
BUSD$0.037724$32.4K3d ago
USDT$11.87$2.73MFree3d ago
USDT$0.195840$2.71M5.2 BAT ($1.08)3d ago
BTC$0.205575$1.76M3d ago
ETH$0.195779$77.3K3d ago
USDC$0.195846$35.4K3d ago
BNB$0.196514$33.6K3d ago
BUSD$0.196119$17.6K3d ago
BTC$0.027216$2.43M0.59 DUSK ($0.02)3d ago
USDT$0.027236$1.44M3d ago
BTC$0.003512$2.42M5.4 TROY ($0.02)3d ago
USDT$0.003572$1.12M3d ago
BNB$0.003535$183K3d ago
BTC$0.018437$2.36M60.0 NKN ($1.06)3d ago
USDT$0.018367$1.27M3d ago
BNB$0.018425$114K3d ago
BTC$0.322954$2.34M3.27 ZRX ($1.10)3d ago
USDT$0.307477$2.09M3d ago
ETH$0.307238$76.1K3d ago
BNB$0.307033$27.8K3d ago
BTC$0.006409$2.27M169.0 TCT ($1.03)3d ago
USDT$0.006382$450K3d ago
USDT$0.000546$2.26M1645.0 HOT ($3.54)3d ago
BTC$0.000615$1.12M3d ago
ETH$0.000547$409K3d ago
BNB$0.000547$85.2K3d ago
BTC$0.036641$2.13M28.0 TNT ($0.99)3d ago
ETH$0.034995$75.1K3d ago
BTC$0.004327$2.09M0.1 XVG ($0.00)3d ago
ETH$0.004089$195K3d ago
BTC$0.181033$2.07M5.7 OGN ($1.07)3d ago
USDT$0.180675$2.05M3d ago
BNB$0.181509$47K3d ago
BTC$0.098046$2.03M11.0 POWR ($0.97)3d ago
ETH$0.093461$162K3d ago
USDT$0.642789$2.02M0.001 KAVA ($0.00)3d ago
BTC$0.643362$1.77M3d ago
BNB$0.645043$33.9K3d ago
BTC$0.132746$2.01M0.13 WRX ($0.02)3d ago
USDT$0.132299$1.8M3d ago
BNB$0.132381$84.3K3d ago
BUSD$0.132803$10.6K3d ago
USDT$2.50$1.96M0.005 ATOM ($0.01)3d ago
BTC$2.51$984K3d ago
BNB$2.50$41.9K3d ago
USDC$2.51$30.2K3d ago
BUSD$2.52$14.7K3d ago
BTC$0.021685$1.82M47.0 COTI ($1.04)3d ago
USDT$0.021749$745K3d ago
BNB$0.021652$50.2K3d ago
USDT$1.15$1.8M0.91 BAND ($1.50)3d ago
BTC$1.15$1.17M3d ago
BNB$1.15$188K3d ago
BTC$0.096757$1.73M0.1 AION ($0.01)3d ago
USDT$0.092083$1.2M3d ago
ETH$0.092273$66.7K3d ago
BNB$0.092094$32.5K3d ago
BUSD$0.092209$18.7K3d ago
BTC$0.001749$1.67M639.0 POE ($1.11)3d ago
USDT$0.000270$1.66M53.0 BTT ($1.47)3d ago
TRX$0.000269$310K3d ago
BUSD$0.000270$113K3d ago
BNB$0.000270$102K3d ago
TUSD$0.000270$64.5K3d ago
USDC$0.000271$64.1K3d ago
PAX$0.000270$33.7K3d ago
BTC$0.005531$1.64M2.91 FTM ($0.02)3d ago
USDT$0.005557$999K3d ago
BNB$0.005534$99.6K3d ago
USDT$0.904374$1.59M0.01 NANO ($0.01)3d ago
BTC$0.905166$1.33M3d ago
ETH$0.903957$72.4K3d ago
BUSD$0.904788$47.4K3d ago
BNB$0.901738$44.3K3d ago
USDT$0.021051$1.58M47.0 FET ($1.07)3d ago
BTC$0.021071$1.17M3d ago
BNB$0.021039$146K3d ago
BTC$0.098682$1.53M10.0 REN ($0.94)3d ago
USDT$0.098409$609K3d ago
BNB$0.073975$7.33K3d ago
USDT$0.190752$1.49M0.5 MIOTA ($0.10)3d ago
BTC$0.200604$794K3d ago
ETH$0.190812$48.9K3d ago
BNB$0.191190$26.8K3d ago
USDT$0.000142$1.44M6943.0 NPXS ($0.98)3d ago
ETH$0.000141$582K3d ago
BTC$0.040473$1.39M26.0 LTO ($1.07)3d ago
USDT$0.040305$374K3d ago
BNB$0.040045$16.6K3d ago
BTC$0.002634$1.39M442.0 DREP ($1.44)3d ago
USDT$0.002544$392K3d ago
BTC$1.08$1.37M0.002 WAVES ($0.00)3d ago
USDT$1.03$963K3d ago
ETH$1.03$43.8K3d ago
USDC$1.03$37.3K3d ago
BNB$1.03$28.2K3d ago
BUSD$1.04$9.98K3d ago
BTC$0.009306$1.35M1.76 CHZ ($0.02)3d ago
USDT$0.009230$739K3d ago
BNB$0.009246$17.1K3d ago
BTC$0.317615$1.33M0.01 WTC ($0.00)3d ago
USDT$0.302888$382K3d ago
ETH$0.301655$86.2K3d ago
BNB$0.303322$12.8K3d ago
BTC$1.44$1.28MFree3d ago
BTC$0.016154$1.26M64.0 PERL ($1.15)3d ago
USDT$0.016152$1.04M3d ago
BNB$0.016118$109K3d ago
BTC$0.002809$1.17M383.0 CELR ($1.09)3d ago
USDT$0.002843$764K3d ago
BNB$0.002851$74.9K3d ago
BTC$0.031167$1.16M33.0 CTSI ($1.04)3d ago
USDT$0.030967$566K3d ago
BNB$0.031042$19.6K3d ago
BUSD$0.029903$16.7K3d ago
BTC$0.112817$1.14M9.07 INS ($4.99)3d ago
BTC$0.008516$1.12M0.01 GO ($0.00)3d ago
BTC$0.019139$1.12M53.0 CHR ($1.07)3d ago
USDT$0.019185$554K3d ago
BNB$0.019167$28.1K3d ago
BTC$0.039069$1.12M4.0 XEM ($0.16)3d ago
ETH$0.039147$23.5K3d ago
BTC$0.010360$1.1M0.01 POA ($0.00)3d ago
BTC$0.070236$1.07M14.0 DATA ($0.94)3d ago
USDT$0.070175$475K3d ago
BUSD$0.070317$74K3d ago
ETH$0.070340$56.3K3d ago
BTC$0.002107$1.07M0.1 SC ($0.00)3d ago
ETH$0.002146$133K3d ago
BNB$0.002144$77K3d ago
BTC$0.551177$1.06M0.01 SOL ($0.01)3d ago
BUSD$0.551454$248K3d ago
BNB$0.551949$81.3K3d ago
BTC$0.007181$1.06M2.45 GTO ($0.03)3d ago
USDT$0.006854$280K3d ago
ETH$0.006873$32K3d ago
BNB$0.005679$4.59K3d ago
BTC$0.267511$1.02M0.01 HIVE ($0.00)3d ago
USDT$0.266573$810K3d ago
BNB$0.266375$49.2K3d ago
BTC$0.386298$1.01M0.01 TOMO ($0.00)3d ago
USDT$0.384795$659K3d ago
BUSD$0.386338$20.9K3d ago
BNB$0.385768$10.1K3d ago
USDC$0.366899$2.41K3d ago
USDT$1.24$972K0.005 HC ($0.01)3d ago
BTC$1.24$680K3d ago
ETH$1.04$11.3K3d ago
BTC$0.047146$958K2.0 ARDR ($0.09)3d ago
USDT$0.047359$557K3d ago
BTC$0.003498$950K311.0 FUN ($1.09)3d ago
USDT$0.003258$314K3d ago
ETH$0.003255$140K3d ago
BTC$0.003775$946K0.001 ONE ($0.00)3d ago
USDT$0.003711$818K3d ago
BNB$0.003711$92K3d ago
USDC$0.003719$11.5K3d ago
BTC$0.039955$928K27.0 MANA ($1.08)3d ago
ETH$0.038117$94.8K3d ago
BTC$0.234482$925K0.2 ARK ($0.04)3d ago
ETH$0.211199$34K3d ago
USDT$0.005118$909K3.28 MITH ($0.02)3d ago
BTC$0.005092$676K3d ago
BNB$0.005115$138K3d ago
USDT$0.000079$886K181.0 WIN ($0.01)3d ago
TRX$0.000079$246K3d ago
BNB$0.000079$103K3d ago
USDC$0.000079$46.6K3d ago
USDT$0.001718$885K15.0 MBL ($0.03)3d ago
BTC$0.001756$580K3d ago
BNB$0.001722$75K3d ago
BTC$0.108633$882K0.15 ARN ($0.02)3d ago
ETH$0.103532$66.5K3d ago
BTC$0.098599$871K10.0 WABI ($1.17)3d ago
BNB$0.093643$129K3d ago
USDT$0.134085$852K10.0 STX ($0.07)3d ago
BTC$0.134326$749K3d ago
BNB$0.134075$54.7K3d ago
BTC$0.002195$829K8.74 ANKR ($0.02)3d ago
USDT$0.002234$617K3d ago
BNB$0.002220$41K3d ago
BTC$0.269179$826K3.79 EDO ($1.09)3d ago
ETH$0.271571$77.9K3d ago
BTC$0.920622$799K1.16 GVT ($1.06)3d ago
ETH$0.776551$14.1K3d ago
BTC$0.004879$763K239.0 CDT ($1.09)3d ago
ETH$0.004604$107K3d ago
BTC$0.578058$743K0.01 BCD ($0.01)3d ago
ETH$0.551218$62.6K3d ago
BTC$0.010127$731K106.0 AMB ($1.06)3d ago
BTC$9.07$728K0.001 BTG ($0.01)3d ago
BTC$0.010799$722K94.0 ARPA ($1.03)3d ago
USDT$0.010695$352K3d ago
BNB$0.010713$15.3K3d ago
BTC$0.301137$714K0.1 NAS ($0.03)3d ago
ETH$0.301252$108K3d ago
BTC$0.628785$694K0.002 KMD ($0.00)3d ago
ETH$0.598465$48K3d ago
BTC$0.006585$688K164.0 DOCK ($1.13)3d ago
USDT$0.006478$219K3d ago
ETH$0.006493$44.9K3d ago
BTC$0.026422$651K40.0 SNT ($1.08)3d ago
ETH$0.025085$88.5K3d ago
BTC$0.202543$630K0.01 STEEM ($0.00)3d ago
ETH$0.202719$49.9K3d ago
BNB$0.203290$30.7K3d ago
BTC$0.263114$625K4.09 ENG ($1.23)3d ago
ETH$0.251319$46.8K3d ago
BTC$0.014730$624K72.0 VIB ($1.03)3d ago
ETH$0.014073$75.9K3d ago
USDT$0.330623$617K0.1 BEAM ($0.04)3d ago
BTC$0.331865$577K3d ago
BNB$0.328653$15.7K3d ago
BTC$0.008746$612K117.0 SNGLS ($1.53)3d ago
BTC$5.52$589K0.19 MCO ($1.03)3d ago
USDT$5.23$193K3d ago
ETH$5.27$105K3d ago
BTC$0.314116$581K3.43 MTL ($1.06)3d ago
USDT$0.299396$244K3d ago
ETH$0.299636$28.3K3d ago
USDT$1.08$574KFree3d ago
BUSD$1.08$298K3d ago
TRY$1.02$574K1.01 USDT ($1.01)3d ago
RUB$0.984895$132K3d ago
ZAR$1.06$11.2K3d ago
IDRT$1.01$7.97K3d ago
BTC$0.011150$559K93.0 STPT ($1.04)3d ago
USDT$0.011224$333K3d ago
BNB$0.011262$10K3d ago
BTC$0.173834$525K0.1 WAN ($0.02)3d ago
USDT$0.173492$489K3d ago
ETH$0.173846$42K3d ago
BNB$0.173442$29.2K3d ago
BTC$0.454076$522K0.02 SKY ($0.01)3d ago
ETH$0.448243$13.1K3d ago
BTC$0.007375$515K147.0 WPR ($1.05)3d ago
BTC$5.81$509K0.002 ZEN ($0.01)3d ago
BNB$5.76$68.4K3d ago
ETH$5.84$57K3d ago
BTC$0.013784$483K1.0 VITE ($0.01)3d ago
USDT$0.013688$325K3d ago
BTC$0.332621$475K0.1 STRAT ($0.03)3d ago
USDT$0.317454$203K3d ago
ETH$0.317606$23.6K3d ago
BUSD$0.319931$11.4K3d ago
BTC$0.010799$471K101.0 VIBE ($1.15)3d ago
BTC$0.059840$448K17.0 LEND ($0.89)3d ago
USDT$0.057275$141K3d ago
ETH$0.057179$86.1K3d ago
BTC$0.347141$444K2.97 RLC ($1.13)3d ago
USDT$0.347283$223K3d ago
ETH$0.347893$41.2K3d ago
BNB$0.347691$8.14K3d ago
USDT$0.002493$424K50.0 DOGE ($0.13)3d ago
BTC$0.002458$342K3d ago
BNB$0.002464$13.6K3d ago
BTC$0.110797$415K0.1 AE ($0.01)3d ago
ETH$0.110647$62.3K3d ago
BTC$4.43$395K0.02 XZC ($0.09)3d ago
USDT$4.22$245K3d ago
BNB$4.22$21.8K3d ago
ETH$4.24$16.1K3d ago
BTC$0.085802$385K12.0 ELF ($1.02)3d ago
ETH$0.081990$28.6K3d ago
BTC$1.24$384K0.1 LSK ($0.12)3d ago
USDT$1.18$176K3d ago
ETH$1.18$29.9K3d ago
BTC$0.015013$370K69.0 AGI ($1.14)3d ago
ETH$0.014939$12.6K3d ago
BTC$0.005708$370K198.0 DNT ($1.15)3d ago
BTC$0.024583$364K42.0 CVC ($1.06)3d ago
USDT$0.024552$263K3d ago
ETH$0.024587$70.6K3d ago
BTC$2.73$363K0.37 FTT ($0.00)3d ago
USDT$2.72$188K3d ago
BNB$2.73$8.35K3d ago
BTC$0.017120$359K60.0 LOOM ($1.07)3d ago
ETH$0.017080$54.4K3d ago
USDT$0.000978$351K1048.0 KEY ($1.05)3d ago
ETH$0.000983$61K3d ago
BTC$0.033511$350K33.0 ETHOS ($0.90)3d ago
ETH$0.031862$27.5K3d ago
BTC$0.001657$344K639.0 TNB ($1.29)3d ago
BTC$0.010035$336K1.0 CMT ($0.01)3d ago
ETH$0.009595$47.9K3d ago
BTC$0.186610$323K5.84 EVX ($1.07)3d ago
ETH$0.177803$31K3d ago
BTC$0.020806$323K1.0 BTS ($0.02)3d ago
USDT$0.019883$291K3d ago
BUSD$0.019902$14.8K3d ago
BTC$0.034064$313K30.0 APPC ($1.05)3d ago
BTC$12.22$311K0.083 REP ($1.04)3d ago
ETH$12.27$22.4K3d ago
USDT$0.001424$311K719.0 STORM ($1.20)3d ago
BTC$0.001405$225K3d ago
ETH$0.001430$88.1K3d ago
BTC$0.107812$298K0.23 ONG ($0.00)3d ago
USDT$0.107348$282K3d ago
BTC$0.008009$292K135.0 OST ($1.02)3d ago
ETH$0.007572$33K3d ago
BTC$0.020070$288K0.91 BCPT ($0.02)3d ago
BTC$0.128887$265K8.32 STORJ ($1.18)3d ago
ETH$0.123065$22.4K3d ago
USDT$0.000302$262K1.0 COCOS ($0.00)3d ago
BNB$0.000302$20.4K3d ago
BTC$0.378560$261K2.85 MDA ($1.21)3d ago
ETH$0.365762$37.6K3d ago
BTC$0.007825$260K143.0 SNM ($1.10)3d ago
USDT$0.000176$257K6097.0 DENT ($1.28)3d ago
ETH$0.000178$96.2K3d ago
BTC$0.132658$257K0.01 VIA ($0.00)3d ago
BTC$0.315037$257K3.4 PPT ($1.08)3d ago
ETH$0.284695$28.2K3d ago
BTC$13.59$246K0.01 DCR ($0.14)3d ago
BTC$0.281822$242K0.2 PIVX ($0.06)3d ago
ETH$0.283080$38K3d ago
BTC$0.010799$242K1.0 QLC ($0.01)3d ago
ETH$0.010804$46.5K3d ago
BTC$0.012797$233K81.0 REQ ($1.07)3d ago
BTC$0.006905$224K164.0 MTH ($1.12)3d ago
BTC$0.039311$224K27.0 OAX ($1.05)3d ago
BTC$0.047848$218K21.0 GNT ($1.06)3d ago
ETH$0.047798$19.9K3d ago
BTC$0.116090$216K9.22 BRD ($1.04)3d ago
ETH$0.110688$38.9K3d ago
BNB$0.109874$23K3d ago
BTC$0.011140$214K99.0 QSP ($1.05)3d ago
ETH$0.010499$141K3d ago
BTC$0.775230$209K1.27 LUN ($1.04)3d ago
BTC$0.016066$207K63.0 BLZ ($1.09)3d ago
ETH$0.016127$19K3d ago
BNB$0.016086$18K3d ago
BTC$0.079266$205K13.0 RCN ($1.02)3d ago
BTC$0.459206$184K0.01 NEBL ($0.00)3d ago
ETH$0.438349$63.3K3d ago
BNB$0.437881$32.8K3d ago
BTC$0.163386$182K0.2 GRS ($0.03)3d ago
ETH$0.161071$10.7K3d ago
BTC$0.018228$180K59.0 AST ($1.16)3d ago
BTC$0.043269$164K24.0 LRC ($1.05)3d ago
ETH$0.041291$26.3K3d ago
BTC$0.238441$149K0.01 NULS ($0.00)3d ago
USDT$0.226966$92.5K3d ago
ETH$0.228339$43K3d ago
BTC$0.008746$140K1.0 YOYO 3d ago
BTC$0.006905$134K159.0 CND ($1.07)3d ago
USDT$0.092083$133K0.1 CTXC ($0.01)3d ago
BTC$0.092097$112K3d ago
USDT$0.460218$120K0.3 GXS ($0.95)3d ago
BTC$0.482774$111K3d ago
ETH$0.463992$8.13K3d ago
BTC$0.109832$109K0.2 NAV ($0.02)3d ago
USDT$0.000679$109K1612.0 MFT ($1.16)3d ago
ETH$0.000684$22.6K3d ago
BNB$0.000682$16.4K3d ago
BTC$0.036180$104K30.0 DLT ($1.15)3d ago
BTC$0.088564$104K12.0 ADX ($1.05)3d ago
ETH$0.085247$2.73K3d ago
BTC$0.166284$104K0.02 NXS ($0.00)3d ago
BTC$0.116090$95.3K9.29 RDN ($1.27)3d ago
ETH$0.110445$6.62K3d ago
BTC$0.024407$89.2K1.0 SYS ($0.03)3d ago
ETH$0.000273$34.7K3936.0 NCASH ($1.11)3d ago
USDT$0.995459$2.75K1.01 USDS ($0.99)3d ago
USDC$1.21$1.33K0.84 BGBP ($1.04)3d ago


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