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CoinBuy withPriceVolume (24hr)Withdrawal FeeUpdated
USD$34,317.10$19.1M0.0005 BTC ($17.11)16min ago
USDT$34,305.48$12M16min ago
EUR$34,489.07$836K15min ago
BTC$1,386.52$18.4M0.0138 ETH ($19.71)16min ago
USD$1,421.50$15M16min ago
USDT$1,421.82$9.97M16min ago
EUR$1,427.18$610K16min ago
BTC$0.351509$3.7M1.0 ADA ($0.36)16min ago
USDT$0.359898$2.14M16min ago
USD$0.360150$1.58M16min ago
ETH$0.361010$497K15min ago
USD$1.00$2.62M17.0 USDT ($17.02)16min ago
EUR$1.00$144K16min ago
USDT$0.075032$2.52M230.0 CRO ($17.25)16min ago
BTC$0.073315$2.22M16min ago
ETH$0.075224$1.2M16min ago
USD$0.075060$961K16min ago
EUR$0.074769$843K16min ago
BTC$0.115161$2.42M0.02 LBC ($0.00)16min ago
USDT$0.118258$127K15min ago
BTC$23.87$1.38M0.8 LINK ($19.72)16min ago
USDT$24.48$947K16min ago
USD$24.49$778K16min ago
ETH$24.56$419K16min ago
BTC$173.26$985K0.001 BSV ($0.18)15min ago
USDT$177.68$295K16min ago
USD$177.73$254K16min ago
BTC$141.70$825K0.01 LTC ($1.45)16min ago
USD$145.13$561K15min ago
USDT$144.46$337K15min ago
ETH$145.68$152K15min ago
USDT$0.099188$763K46.16 GOLD ($2,843.69)16min ago
BTC$0.974517$747K17.0 TUSD ($17.01)16min ago
USD$0.999100$133K16min ago
BTC$0.268151$610K0.05 XLM ($0.01)16min ago
USD$0.274778$227K15min ago
USDT$0.275361$174K16min ago
ETH$0.273532$130K16min ago
BTC$0.030464$592K0.003 TRX ($0.00)16min ago
USD$0.031350$310K16min ago
USDT$0.031462$251K16min ago
ETH$0.031435$181K16min ago
BTC$4.04$502K4.0 UQC ($17.50)16min ago
USDT$4.04$211K16min ago
ETH$0.998922$478K17.0 USDC ($17.00)16min ago
BTC$0.973847$402K16min ago
USD$0.999010$310K16min ago
USDT$0.998205$180K15min ago
BTC$21.97$453K0.85 QNT ($18.91)16min ago
BTC$17.87$429K0.5 DOT ($9.19)16min ago
USD$18.30$274K15min ago
USDT$18.23$140K15min ago
BTC$0.269825$407K1.0 XRP ($0.28)16min ago
USD$0.277000$128K15min ago
BTC$0.025443$385K0.2 DGB ($0.01)16min ago
USD$0.026210$122K15min ago
USD$0.094121$381K0.1 HBAR ($0.01)16min ago
BTC$0.092397$314K16min ago
BTC$2.61$351K0.1 DFI ($0.26)16min ago
USDT$2.67$296K15min ago
BTC$0.010713$346K1614.0 ME ($17.67)16min ago
BTC$447.09$317K0.001 BCH ($0.46)15min ago
USD$460.00$277K16min ago
USDT$459.10$160K16min ago
USD$250.57$304K0.1 COMP ($24.99)16min ago
BTC$242.56$216K15min ago
USDT$248.47$197K15min ago
BTC$0.413776$303K45.0 ENJ ($19.09)16min ago
USDT$0.421579$261K16min ago
BTC$32.45$303K0.002 ZEN ($0.07)15min ago
BTC$0.310332$288K54.0 BAT ($17.29)15min ago
USD$5,323.00$282K0.013 ETHBULL ($67.50)16min ago
USDT$2.93$274K0.01 CELO ($0.03)16min ago
USD$2.99$181K16min ago
BTC$2.87$155K16min ago
USDT$0.038151$251K0.01 VLX ($0.00)16min ago
BTC$0.012721$248K5.0 XVG ($0.06)16min ago
USDT$0.012895$140K16min ago
BTC$256.28$233K0.4 AAVE ($105.31)16min ago
BTC$0.008704$228K2.0 DOGE ($0.02)16min ago
BTC$24.16$221K0.025 NEO ($0.62)15min ago
USDT$24.86$186K16min ago
BTC$0.215927$219K4.0 XEM ($0.89)16min ago
BTC$0.635729$216K27.0 XUC ($17.64)16min ago
USDT$0.653824$208K16min ago
USD$3.14$212K0.25 XTZ ($0.78)15min ago
BTC$3.04$162K16min ago
BTC$11.40$185K1.95 UNI ($23.06)16min ago
BTC$0.595892$174K0.1 ALGO ($0.06)16min ago
USD$0.610670$138K16min ago
BTC$8.18$171K0.01 ATOM ($0.08)16min ago
BTC$2.67$158K0.1 EOS ($0.27)16min ago
USDT$2.75$147K16min ago
ETH$2.75$132K15min ago
BTC$0.545006$138K33.0 ZRX ($18.48)16min ago
BTC$1.49$138K23.0 MRPH ($33.60)16min ago
BTC$0.355526$137K0.1 GRIN ($0.04)about 2h ago
BTC$7.10$136K0.001 WAVES ($0.01)16min ago
BTC$1.69$135K0.2 MONA ($0.35)16min ago
BTC$0.031803$133K100.0 VET ($3.20)16min ago


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