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CoinBuy withPriceVolume (24hr)Updated
USD$33,907.85$7.83M1 hour ago
USDT$33,883.53$6.44M1 hour ago
EUR$33,854.27$826K1 hour ago
USDT$8.21$4.67M1 hour ago
BTC$8.21$1.25M1 hour ago
USDT$2,169.31$4.52M7 minutes ago
BTC$2,156.73$3.66M7 minutes ago
USD$2,170.34$3.11M5 minutes ago
EUR$2,138.66$496K1 hour ago
ETH$1.24$4.51M1 hour ago
USD$1.22$2.13M6 minutes ago
USDT$1.22$1.91M6 minutes ago
BTC$1.22$1.79M5 minutes ago
EUR$1.22$108K1 hour ago
USD$1.00$3.25M7 minutes ago
USDT$0.815000$2.9M1 hour ago
BTC$0.998110$1.7M1 hour ago
BTC$0.071124$1.44M9 minutes ago
USDT$0.070839$122K1 hour ago
USDT$0.178970$1.22M3 minutes ago
BTC$0.194745$1.04M4 minutes ago
USD$0.195690$902K3 minutes ago
USDT$0.194927$803K6 minutes ago
ETH$0.195331$150K1 hour ago
BTC$0.994723$1.01M8 minutes ago
ETH$1.01$414K1 hour ago
USD$0.999920$255K1 hour ago
USDT$5.25$935K3 minutes ago
BTC$5.28$325K1 hour ago
USD$0.176414$897K1 hour ago
BTC$0.176117$234K1 hour ago
USDT$0.175277$137K1 hour ago
BTC$1.29$860K5 minutes ago
USDT$1.30$691K4 minutes ago
USD$1.29$272K1 hour ago
ETH$1.30$193K1 hour ago
BTC$123.86$857K1 hour ago
USDT$123.81$241K1 hour ago
USD$123.91$182K1 hour ago
BTC$0.039965$800K1 hour ago
USD$0.040580$299K1 hour ago
USDT$0.040280$242K1 hour ago
BTC$0.056222$712K8 minutes ago
USDT$0.056083$141K1 hour ago
USD$0.056348$139K6 minutes ago
USDT$0.021000$705K6 minutes ago
BTC$1.05$668K1 hour ago
USDT$1.05$652K1 hour ago
BTC$82.18$544K4 minutes ago
BTC$0.994723$448K10 minutes ago
USD$0.999910$102K7 minutes ago
USDT$0.999320$102K1 hour ago
BTC$0.263837$411K1 hour ago
USD$0.264030$208K1 hour ago
USDT$0.265815$186K8 minutes ago
BTC$0.056561$388K1 hour ago
USDT$0.057028$235K7 minutes ago
USDT$13.62$335K1 hour ago
BTC$13.60$307K1 hour ago
USD$13.63$150K1 hour ago
USD$0.715700$301K1 hour ago
BTC$0.718355$234K1 hour ago
USD$0.936020$274K1 hour ago
USDT$0.941010$264K1 hour ago
BTC$0.938501$115K1 hour ago
BTC$48.46$274K7 minutes ago
USDT$48.47$241K7 minutes ago
USD$48.55$108K5 minutes ago
BTC$0.023369$272K7 minutes ago
BTC$0.601846$251K1 hour ago
USDT$0.606328$245K6 minutes ago
USD$0.603070$167K1 hour ago
USDT$16.45$228K1 hour ago
BTC$16.44$219K1 hour ago
USD$16.51$151K2 minutes ago
USDT$2.77$219K5 minutes ago
BTC$2.75$150K1 hour ago
BTC$0.064012$210K8 minutes ago
USDT$18.15$197K14 seconds ago
BTC$18.22$120K1 minute ago
BTC$2.14$196K1 hour ago
USDT$2.14$140K1 hour ago
BTC$0.142926$186K1 hour ago
BTC$0.766787$177K1 hour ago
BTC$0.019305$175K1 hour ago
USDT$4.51$170K1 hour ago
USDT$30.17$154K1 hour ago
USDT$0.722427$154K1 hour ago
USDT$32.24$129K1 hour ago
USDT$0.00914000$128K1 hour ago
BTC$0.016257$116K1 hour ago
USD$0.011230$115K1 hour ago
BTC$0.011177$104K1 hour ago
USDT$0.133315$112K1 hour ago
BTC$2.41$108K1 hour ago
USD$450.76$105K1 hour ago
BTC$48.96$103K1 hour ago
BTC$0.045384$103K1 hour ago
USDT$11.18$101K1 hour ago
USDT$0.013440$100K1 hour ago


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