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CoinBuy withPriceVolume (24hr)Withdrawal FeeUpdated
USD$55,000.00$31.1M0.0003 BTC ($16.55)12min ago
USDT$54,994.25$20.5M13min ago
EUR$55,474.72$2.25M6min ago
BTC$4,332.24$29.4M0.0154 ETH ($64.04)15min ago
USD$4,158.91$16.9M15min ago
USDT$4,154.67$16.2M15min ago
EUR$4,194.30$1.9M11min ago
BTC$1.78$11.4M1.0 ADA ($1.72)15min ago
USD$1.71$10.1M15min ago
USDT$1.70$5.16M15min ago
ETH$1.71$2.14M7min ago
USD$0.999800$11.2M131.0 USDT ($131.00)15min ago
USD$0.464080$10.8M5.0 DOGE ($2.32)14min ago
BTC$0.483001$9.27M15min ago
USDT$0.464392$6.46M15min ago
ETH$0.467190$2.55M11min ago
EUR$0.467673$709K16min ago
BTC$1.47$5.85M1.0 XRP ($1.41)8min ago
USDT$1.41$2.7M15min ago
USD$1.41$2.27M8min ago
ETH$1.42$676K13min ago
BTC$367.62$3.85M0.01 LTC ($3.54)13min ago
USD$354.00$2.99M6min ago
USDT$353.98$1.97M6min ago
BTC$12.68$3.43M0.1 EOS ($1.22)14min ago
USDT$12.22$3.01M15min ago
USD$12.13$1.87M5min ago
ETH$12.20$828K7min ago
USDT$1.19$3.23M174.0 DAF 6min ago
BTC$0.134644$3.11M0.2 DGB ($0.03)12min ago
USDT$0.129478$988K6min ago
USD$0.129180$945K7min ago
BTC$0.206264$2.81M100.0 VET ($20.01)16min ago
USDT$0.198854$1.62M9min ago
BTC$1.04$2.7M131.0 TUSD ($130.94)15min ago
USD$0.660169$2.66M0.05 XLM ($0.03)6min ago
BTC$0.685253$1.95M10min ago
USDT$0.656204$1.74M15min ago
BTC$1,474.45$2.57M0.001 BCH ($1.42)6min ago
USD$1,416.00$1.74M13min ago
USDT$1,418.10$1.71M11min ago
ETH$1,420.73$918K11min ago
BTC$370.38$2.53M0.001 BSV ($0.36)7min ago
USD$355.20$1.92M11min ago
USDT$354.82$652K12min ago
BTC$106.35$2.52M0.01 ETC ($1.02)15min ago
USD$102.60$1.44M15min ago
USDT$101.86$1.04M15min ago
BTC$0.00859432$2.36M2.0 RDD ($0.02)5min ago
USD$0.132660$1.99M0.003 TRX ($0.00)9min ago
BTC$0.139228$1.54M9min ago
USDT$0.133452$964K15min ago
BTC$0.215431$1.96M0.002 ZIL ($0.00)15min ago
USDT$16.71$1.79M2.2 LUNA ($37.03)10min ago
BTC$17.40$1.19M8min ago
USD$0.035170$1.54M0.1 SC ($0.00)10min ago
BTC$0.036669$715K11min ago
BTC$0.060733$1.52M5.0 XVG ($0.29)9min ago
USDT$0.057871$812K15min ago
BTC$45.05$1.45M3.0 QNT ($132.99)14min ago
USDT$1.00$1.45M0.01 CUSD ($0.01)11min ago
BTC$1.05$751K9min ago
BTC$0.177616$1.3M0.01 CRO ($0.00)11min ago
USD$46.52$1.3M3.0 LINK ($138.90)14min ago
BTC$48.29$999K11min ago
USDT$46.40$652K12min ago
BTC$0.355232$1.28M4.0 XEM ($1.37)11min ago
USD$0.265819$1.11M0.1 HBAR ($0.03)11min ago
ETH$0.265266$829K7min ago
USDT$0.266788$624K7min ago
BTC$27.91$1.1M5.0 UQC ($132.25)12min ago
USDT$1.15$1.09M139.0 MATIC ($162.86)6min ago
BTC$1.19$745K6min ago
BTC$0.824481$1.07M229.0 LRC ($179.02)13min ago
BTC$0.175897$1.06M0.01 VLX ($0.00)5min ago
USDT$107.13$903K0.025 NEO ($2.66)10min ago
BTC$111.41$748K5min ago
BTC$0.00916727$893K0.02 XDN ($0.00)11min ago
BTC$1.98$855K72.0 ZRX ($136.80)14min ago
ETH$1.90$631K8min ago
USDT$6.13$854K21.0 XELS ($129.99)14min ago
BTC$2.37$821K57.0 ENJ ($129.39)15min ago
BTC$1.04$762K131.0 USDC ($131.00)16min ago
BTC$60.21$722K2.5 STRK ($135.32)12min ago
BTC$43.55$712K3.5 UNI ($146.04)14min ago
USDT$41.79$581K13min ago
USDT$1.18$692K0.45 PIST 11min ago
USDT$39.51$677K0.5 DOT ($19.71)6min ago
BTC$40.86$611K12min ago
BTC$4.60$665K0.1 DFI ($0.44)12min ago
USDT$4.39$620K6min ago
BTC$35.29$655K0.001 WAVES ($0.03)14min ago
BTC$11.43$650K11.0 OMG ($121.13)7min ago
BTC$8.59$634K13.0 RLC ($108.16)6min ago
BTC$0.092246$632K2.0 NXT ($0.18)6min ago
BTC$0.156989$629K1.0 RVN ($0.15)15min ago
BTC$0.248089$627K0.1 WAXP ($0.02)6min ago
USDT$1.56$621K0.01 XWC ($0.02)15min ago
BTC$1.26$595K0.02 VTC ($0.02)15min ago
BTC$0.823335$581K147.0 SMBSWAP ($120.94)12min ago


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